The Wait Till Friday Band / Blog

Our First Wedding

Finally got the opportunity to play a wedding after 3+ years of playing out with this band. I guess the name WTF is a deterrent for many to consider us but all you need to do is see our show at a bar or club to know that we can bring it as well as any other wedding band. We are really looking forward to this thing tomorrow night.

Bands For The Bravest Benefit

We had the opportunity to be part of a benefit to raise money for the Union Beach Fire and EMS buildings on Saturday March 2nd.... We played along with 4 other acts at the VFW in Middletown. We had a great time. We got people up to fill the dance floor. It's such a rush when the crowd is really into what you are playing. Make all the hard work in being in a band totally worth it!

Show stuff

Wow, what a show at the Blue Rock Cafe in Cliffwood Beach this past Saturday night. It was mobbed and the band sounded awesome. Looks like they are a much better establishment post Sandy! Cant wait to play there again!

Snow Schmo!

Bummer... No shows this weekend now because of this "weather event".. We will reconvene next Friday and Saturday to party like it's.....um..... 2013??? :-) See you soon!


Jiggy here....... Here we go with this WTF page.... Who knows what I will discuss on here over the next few months... A lot is happening. We are booking a lot more gigs than ever, we are part of a HUGE benefit for Union Beach Fire and EMS companies and we are gonna be adding a lot more new music to our sets in the next few months.... Stay tuned and be part of everything that is going on with us! We are a bunch of guys that like music and have been playing it a long time. We got together to jam and booked one show to play. We all figured that was gonna be it but it was a really good night and then we decided to take it a little further.... 3 years later things are more fun than ever and we are looking for more gig opportunities.... Thanks for being here for us since it's YOU that makes us want to keep playing.