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Awesome rehearsals this week!

This week was incredibly productive! TWO new complete songs written AND an AMAZING rehearsal with John and Clint! I was blessed with TWO new and complete songs this week. One is a heavy progressive piece.. which is fun since I haven't written anything super heavy and dense in a while. This one will be fairly complex.. not too unlike the Christmas song I contributed to the "Emmanuel" cd/album.. and the other will end up having a lot of piano in it.. which will be a total pain to nail in the studio.. haven't seriously played any piano since college.. which is really sad seeing that I studied classically from elementary school to college and NEVER had an actual guitar lesson in my life?!? lol... funny how things twist and turn on life's trip to where ever we'll wind up. I was just always drawn to the guitar and felt like once I got my hands on one.. that I'd found MY voice.. add to that studying percussion formally from middle school through college (percussion was actually my minor.. again.. go figure!).. This week's rehearsal went just about as smooth as one could hope for and even more surprisingly since we hadn't actually played as a unit together in a couple of weeks.. just out of the blue while talking at what was to be the end of the session.. we started just randomly jamming.. songs that we'd never actually played together.. next thing you there were 4-5 NEW tunes to add to the sets... it all just flowed so easily that we really couldn't do anything but laugh and roll with it.. MORE to come true believers... \m/ LIVE LOUDLY!!!(tm) Kev

On a roll...

On a bit of a roll this weekend.. wrote TWO new tunes!.. the problem is how to keep focused on recording songs while new ones pop into your head?!?

Thank you for all the views and new fans!

I would like to send a huge THANKS out to everyone visiting the NEW ReverbNation.com site!.. and an even BIGGER THANKS to those who hit the BECOME A FAN button and joined the mailing list! Sending a message out to all from the OLD site/mailing list to let them all know that this in our new home! MANY MANY THANKS out to all who have taken time out of their busy schedules to look, listen, watch, like, friend or fan! MORE TO COME!.....

Here we go!

Now is the time where the holidays, surgery and NAMM are all out of the way and we get things rolling on finishing the new album that everyone has been waiting on and getting out there and tearing down some houses playing live! STAY TUNED! MUCH MORE TO COME ASAP!