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reverbnation you suck

i was just checking out my first track [get through it ] it is not what was there before it't a copy of the MP3 and sounds like dog shit!

get her done

how's it reverbpeople.i'm in costruction mode here on hawaii. I 'll get some new tunes up when i get the studio set up. so stay tuned Aloha Philipe


well having a grate time in hawaii. doing a show sat. in waimea town i'll try to get some more stuff on but the water is warm and the beer is cold so ALOHA Philipe

the wake

the drums are from hawaii the birds are from boulder creek and this tune is all over the map. it will grow on you and be good or he will come for you

new music

the new song is on the prog rock side of things.my hope is it's one of those tunes that gets more interesting the more you hear it.Drums were recorded on the big island the rest in the santa cruz mountains

2001 views MAHALO

Thank you for all the + on the new song and yes there is more


Well it's done and only on Reverbnation.you might want the head phones for this one

New Yes We Flow

this is a demo of yes we flow. i'm not happy with the new song [ The Wake ] yet. Needs more work so here's some thing to chew on for a few days aloha philipe

gear ?

i had alot of people coming up to me and ask me what gear we used and who is playing what. Ken Stockett and I switch off between bass & guitar. We use a 50 watt marshall, for the guitars.Ken's guitar is a Gibson SG with a Seymour duncan at the bridge, stock pick up at the neck. My guitars are a strat with a floyd rose,Seymour Duncan at the bridge and no noise singles, neck & mid. The other is a 1979 Ibanez S-70 or studio It's stock and most of the time tuned to drop D. The older it gets the better it sounds. The bass is a Philip Kubicki Factor we use a harkey amp and speakers. We share the bass it dose every thing and makes swiching easy for us and the sound man. Thanks for coming out hope to see you soon Aloha Philipe

new yes we flow live @ swampfest

mahalo to the fan that got this i phone video of a grate time for all of us!!