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New, OLD songs from high school, FREE DOWNLOADS!!

Hello there everybody!

Well, I know it's been a long time since I've written a blog on ye good ole reverbnation page so I figured it's about time, right? RIGHT! So I've decided to put up a TON of new OLD songs for free download here. These are tunes that I wrote and recorded piecemeal in highschool when I was first learning to play guitar. Now, unfortunately, since these are from my "early days" of song writing, they are not the best quality. And due to lack of good recording equipment (I was using two stereos, recording with cheap $10 mics from Radio Shack, recording one part on the left speaker/channel and another on the right speaker/channel and then sometimes even going back and "overdubbing" the right and left "tracks" onto one left speaker/channel on a 2nd stereo, yeah, I know, it's pretty weak but it's all I had back then to work with, and of course the result is a very unbalanced sound, both between left and right and bass and treble) the sound quality is NOT the greatest, hence the reason these downloads are FREE and I am just putting them up here for fun. And the vast majority of these songs will be instrumental as I will not be subjecting you to my terrible “singing” from the first TAPE I recorded. The second tape, from which most of the songs are coming from, never had a melody/vocal line added to them.

So I hope you all can enjoy these on some level, if nothing else to see how it all began for me. The first two songs (“Raining Down” and “The Dope Fiend”) are tunes I still play today and I included both of these on my first solo acoustic CD that is for sale all over the internets as I thought it’d be fun for you all to hear how these tunes USED to sound. And of course I can’t help but drop some shameless self-promotion, so here’s the iTunes link in case you’d like to buy the new versions: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/all-the-time-that-has-gone/id390618649

I’ll get as many of these songs up as I can so come and download away, for FREE!!

Eventually I will also put up some music I wrote for jazz combo and jazz orchestra as well, but that is a story for another time and yet another blog entry, so stay tuned and Happy New Year everybody!!

Yours truly and most sincerely,

El Rojo

Album is on iTunes!! Go forth and purchase "All The Time That Has Gone"!!

Hey there all you wonderful, fine folk!

I have lots of updates and some pretty exciting news!!

First off, my album, All The Time That Has Gone, is now available on iTunes!! Go forth and purchase if you'd like:


And feel free to check out the album review that Bob Ramczyk of Brown Deer, Wisconsin wrote:


The second item on this little triple announcement is for all the local folks in and around DC/NOVA and that is that I'll be playing a show Friday night, October 22nd, 9pm in Old Town Alexandria at O'Shaughnessy's located at 1324 King Street!! As stated in the link below, I'll be opening for a great local band, Skelliton, and I'll be joined by Terry Boes on harmonica and Bruce on bass once again for another performance of some of the Bruce Springsteen tunes we played at Solly's earlier this week!! And I'll also throw in a few originals and some Johnny Cash tunes into the set as well so there'll be a little somethiin' for everybody!! :-) Here's the details for the show:


And the third and final item is that if you'd like to check out my performance at The Bitter End in NYC this Sunday night you can!! Online at The Bitter End's website. This is of course a singer-songwriter showcase that they do every Sunday at The Bitter End and I'll be playing first promptly at 7:00 p.m. so fire up your PC, laptop, iPhone or Droid or what have you and tune in and have a listen!!


Whew!! Ok, I think that is all for now, but I'm sure there'll be lots more later so stay tuned!! Many, many thanks!! And as always and forever, all my very best to you and yours, all my gratitude!! :-)

Sincerely yours,

Alex The Red Parez aka El Rojo

Album review of All The Time That Has Gone by Bob Ramczyk - Brown Deer, WI

I thoroughly enjoyed All The Time That Has Gone with its varied themes, from darkly poetic ballads to considerably lighter musings. The more serious compositions are filled with vivid lyrical images, as well as some very apt metaphors while the less serious compositions provide an interesting and eclectic mix of tunes. Alex The Red Parez executes very impressive songwriting, especially considering that some of the tunes (“Raining Down”, “January Silver” and “The Dopefiend”) were actually penned during the artist's formative teenage years. El Rojo's rich vocals and deft guitar work have combined forces, resulting in a truly excellent debut solo album. Both are nicely balanced, and even further highlighted by the crisp & clean sound of this fine studio-quality recording. All in all, All The time That Has Gone is an exceptional piece of work and a really great debut, solo-acoustic album! "Flowin'" centers on the dichotomy between the agonizing pain of loss and the enduring will to move on. The infectious melody in "Raining Down" belies the story of one man's dismal fate; the closing instrumental features some inspired guitar strumming by El Rojo. With "C" Alex offers up a ballad that is about more than simply an acute appreciation for the land and sky; some real ambiguity, with what I perceive to be veiled references to both the female form and anatomy. The album's title track, "All The Time That Has Gone," with its contagious melody, reflects on the pain of love lost and its emotional aftermath; quite presciently, the song reminds us that "All the time that has gone, is here with you, now," a wonderful tidbit of truth. "January Silver," perhaps simply a "chilly" reflection on unconsummated love (perhaps more? death?), opens as a deliberately slow-paced ballad and morphs into something else entirely later on; nonetheless, the melodic change of pace is refreshing. The somewhat-exaggerated "Since Our Bar's Been Gone" offers a sad lament about the closing of a favorite tavern; still, this can be a slightly traumatic event, especially if you count yourself among the regular patrons of a particular bar. "The Dopefiend," with its bluesy melody from a bygone era, takes a usually serious subject and turns it on its side (if not its head). The often wry "Workin'" provides a cynical anthem for pretty much everyone who has a job, especially one they detest. The Jimmy Buffett-like "Which One Of You Sons Of Bitches Stole My Goddamn Bananas?!" (aka "The Monkey Song"), as the title implies, is one monkey's confrontation with a group of banana thieves, who also happen to be monkeys themselves. "I Can't Stop" perhaps best can be described as a tongue-in-cheek audience thrasher; when performing live (as he often does), El Rojo may want to save this one for the kinder, gentler and more understanding crowds. - Bob Ramczyk, Brown Deer, WI