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Elephant room

Had a great time at the E-room tonight. We had a big group of people for the first two sets. I want to thank the band, Piano-Angelo Lembesis, Bass- Daniel Durham, Tenor Sax-Russell Haight, Drums-Scott Lannigham. Thanks for making me work. I also want to thank everyone for supporting live jazz at the Elephant room.

Carmen's de la Calle

Had a great time at Carmen's tonight. Tons of people showed up to support, thanks to everyone who came out. Daniel Dufour, Daniel Durham and Ben Irom were killin' it as always ... so thankful to have such committed musicians who are willing to put in so many hours rehearsing AND puting up with my crazy ass. Today was my 3rd gig using my new Austin Winds horns. I love them. Thanks Doug and Dave. And thanks to Paula for providing such a great venue ... and some slammin' food! Anyone in the SAT area who hasn't made it out to Carmen's yet is missing out.

Strange Brew

Closed out a busy (but fun) weekend with my first ever gig at Strange Brew last night and had a wonderful time. I had a slightly different line-up in the band than the usual suspects - last night it was the AfroTaino Quintet featuring Dan Redner (piano), Daniel Dufour (drums), Eric Ross (bass) and Carmelo Torres - but considering it was our first gig together, it turned out great. I'm lucky to have a good group of cats willing to rehearse ... a rare find, unfortunately. And Strange Brew is an awesome venue ... it was great to be playing in a room where the acoustics are incredible and people are actually listening. Good times.

New Trumpet

Loving my new trumpet from Austin Winds- the brushed copper bell, stage 470-LT. I thought my Concept TT had a rich, dark sound ... this one blows it out of the water. Not only that, but it's actually easier to play and lighter. Maybe I sound like a trumpet geek right now - that's probably because I am one - but I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. And I'm happy to be supporting a local Austin business. Can't wait to debut it at my gigs this weekend!