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It's Who You're With

It's not where you go, it's who you're with when you go there. I'm grateful for the life that I've been given. I really couldn't have dreamt it.

A Spiritual Awakening?

Somewhere on this journey all the things I had to do became all the things I get to do.A simple change in perception.Words can't describe the gratitude I have for this life and the family and friends that I share it with.The people in my life make me better, give me a reason to be and always let me know I'm not alone.The only catch is I can't keep it unless I give it away. I'm cool with that...


Out of the blue a women selling me melatonin @ Walgreens this morning said she was having a tough time sleeping too. Her dad and sister had both passed away in the last two months and she was having a tough go of it. After a short visit I went on my way into work,marveling at how the universe can remind me to remain grateful for all the wonderful gifts I have in my life that leave me feeling Strangely Alright!

Things Change

It's just that. What I feel and think today is not what I felt yesterday, let alone 2 years ago. Another perk of recovery. Learning to embrace change. If I'm not going forward I'm probably sliding back.I'd much rather step through the fear of the unknown rather than sit in the comfort of the known.

Sometimes Quckly,Sometimes Slowly

I know I should learn from your mistakes but then it wouldn't be my life. #feelingstrangelyalright

Song On Tacoma Weekly Mix Tape May 29th,2013

A great big thanks to Ernest Jasmin and The Tacoma Weekly for including Strangely Alright's song " So Right It Can't Be Wrong" from our new CD "The Time Machine Is Broken" on the May 29th Weekly Mix Tape! Check it out NOW! http://www.tacomaweekly.com/mixtape/

Who Can Video On the 20th at Louie G's?

Wondering who can help out and video our set on the 20th?..Preston does video editing and we are hoping to get a few people doing shoots from different angles...Message me if you can!

The Song "I Feel Bad"

This was written when I realized that I just might be the problem.. "I Feel Bad" http://www.reverbnation.com/c./poni/191342440 #music

Tickets Going Fast For March 23rd Show

Ken and I have a few tickets left for our March 23rd show...Get in touch through Facebook...Going, going... Don't wait,it's gonna a be FUN!

Strangely Alright Great Photo Shoot

We have some new pics! Thanks to Shannon and the band for squeezing in a necessary evil! And even though we were freezing our asses off, everyone made it a very fun day!