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Katie Gray speaking-- currently I'm so psyched about every little bit of progress Subtle Salt is making. But I feel like it's more important and entertaining to share our first gig experience than to enthuse on an extra dollar or fan we make... Shine Cafe was incredibly fun, we got good response, made 60 (needed) bucks.. After Max left, me, Michael and some friends stayed to watch Buckeye Knoll and EGG play (wonderful bands, by the way). The show didn't finish up until 11, and our friend Colby Payne drove us and Matt home. Well, sort of. The GPS happened to die as soon as we got onto the freeway, and, long story short, we spent an hour and a half in the car (when it should have been 25 minutes). Me, being only 15, had my mother calling me every ten minutes freaking out about how I wasn't home yet. And, well, not sure how long it'll be until I can drive with those guys again :P So that's a little taste of the behind the scenes experience that night.. Much love. -Katie Gray