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The Story of the Basement Hammers

The Story of The Basement Hammers One day after a particularly rewarding practice session downstairs, band leader Guyle “Dr. G.” Morris detoured from his usual work day arriving at the halls of justice to register an idea and a concept for a Rock and Blues band. The story goes, he filed his paperwork with a slightly nearsighted clerk whose astigimatism had suddenly kicked in – as a result an error was made in the band title. What should have been a “J”, became an “H”. What should have been “Basement Jammers” became … “Basement Hammers”.The error was not discovered until that evening with the filing and registering of title, copywrite and trademark all completed. At the next band rehearsal there was much discussion. Suddenly, guitarist Peter Martin arrived, complaining vociferously. Apparently, his do–it-yourself – home remodel was not going well. In fact, he had slammed his thumb with a framing hammer while trying to drive a nail. All the band members gathered around Peter to view his poor thumb which had tripled in size due to the hit. It was unanimously decided to shift Peter from rythym guitar to bass, on account of this new event. Ethan Miller, temporary band chaplain decided this was a sign from G-d and the band name should be changed to “Almighty Basement Ham Eaters”. That title did not sit well with anyone else and also sounded too much like a reggae band. Young Tyler Morris, lead guitar wizard and wise beyond his years shouted out “ I’ve got it! Let’s call ourselves … The Basement Hammers! Suddenly all eyes went wide – drummer John “Fiber1” Taylor arose from his throne. He rarely got up during a rehearsal. “It all makes sense,” he said. “Last night I had a dream -- I was wearing gold balloon pants, and I was yelling – ‘It’s Hammer Time!”. Dr. G. nodded his head slowly…. “ Make it so…. The Basement Hammers.”

The Band the Basement Hammers today exists only on paper... but if it were to exist it MIGHT include. Guyle Morris -- Guitar and Vocals Tyler Morris -- Lead Guitar Peter Martin - Bass Guitar John (JT) Taylor -- Drums and Vocals Ethan B. Miller -- Harmonica , and ham slices.

Acoustic Showcase

Got invited to sit in with Acoustic Showcase host Tim Kochanski and accomplished performer, Cameron Robbin's ... these got guys rock the country , Blues and Folk. It was a great pleasure sitting in with them... That was my homebrewed "Hard Rockin Cider" by the way.... Thanks, EBM

Promotional Video

Keep an eye out for my Promotional Video: BenBrew The Untold Story. The story of Maryland Homebrewer Ben Schwalb, a high school buddy and former wrestling teammate. Music by another friend Joe Adelstein, who I play harp with on the intro... Plan on entering this in a few film fests, and eventually I will upload it to this site.

Magic Dick and Shun Ng

Going to see the master in action... Heading to Portsmouth NH to catch Harmonica Guru, Magic Dick and rising superstar Shun Ng. Too good. Also attempt to collect a signed Marine Band for my collection of Virgin Harps. Harps signed by the masters and left in encased, in case of a blues emergency!

Ethan B. Miller
Ethan B. Miller  (over 3 years ago)

Check my youtube.com site for a promo video on the Magic Dick and Shun Ng show and Portsmouth, NH -- The Book and Bar.

Upcoming: For EBM

I will be doing a "Showcase" set at Mick Morgan's on or around, May 15th, with the Mighty Zach Bolles on guitar and vocals. Plan on some originals by myself and Zach, also some covers. New tune I wrote "Tied Down Tools" will be featured...

Danielle Miraglia

Catch one of her shows if you can...

The Big Idea

There's a chance I will be able to pull off VIP ticket to ZZTop ... who I am a great fan of, if so I will try to get them to sign 3 harps a B, D, and F for Billy Dusty and Frank... y'know they can all play horn if you recall Deguello...