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In the name of us

So this is gonna be our ballad I guess... We thought that a strong deep song would be relevant here... A lot of our supporters like it a lot so we had no choice but to comply ^-^... Thanks Meli :)... I guess this song touches a lots of people but it has a lot of meaning espacialy to me... We sometimes have to face hard choices in life but in the end we should try to live out the present as much as possible and have faith... *sigh* - Tial

Everything we should be

So this song is our first recording... To bad that I was too drunk to put up the right version the first time but we should have the right version up there soon enough... This song is by far our favorite of all the songs that we recorded together (with me as the vocal).. The song is about abuse of power and also our statement to what's happening right now in the world... We hope that it'll reach some people somehow and that it'll make a difference... Enjoy! - Tial

Memory Lane band
Memory Lane band  (almost 8 years ago)

Oki... Finaly sobbered up enough to put up the final version of "Everything we should be" ;p... We also have newer tracks but this song has now even more meaning than ever since our friend and Guitar player is joining the army... The song is quite engaged but we dedicate this one to all our solders...