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Rock n’ roll circa 2008 is becoming an increasingly predictable affair, so, whenever a band comes along refusing to fit the mold, it usually doesn’t go unnoticed. Case in point, Boston’s Mongrel – vocalist Drew Barker, guitarist Adam Savage, bassist Rev, and drummer Ed Loguercio. Formed with the belief that "punk" was more than a fashion requirement, Mongrel was born in 2003 in Eastern Massachusetts, quickly leaving their mark on both the local and national music scene.

They have been included in "5 Bands to Watch" (Hippo Press, March 2005) and "5 Bands to Discover" (Hippo Press, November 2005). Mongrel has also been featured in Revolver magazine’s “Raw Talent” section (Nov. 2005), and was cited in Metal Edge magazine as “the hardest working band in Boston” (Jan. 2006). Feburary 2008 found Mongrel in Metal Edge once again, as well as featured on their monthly sampler cd alongside Ozzy Osbourne and Cradle of Filth. In September 2008, Mongrel was the featured "Underground Buzz" artist on Loudside.com.

Mongrel has toured extensively throughout the US, repeatedly sharing stages with metal and punk luminaries as diverse as The Misfits, GWAR, Dizzy Reed (Guns N' Roses), The Exploited, Prong, Otep, Wednesday 13, Michale Graves, Blitzkid, The Independents, Trashlight Vision, Piggy D’s Evacuation Plan, Mushroomhead, Hed(pe), and All That Remains, receiving airplay on major Rock outlets including WAAF, WBCN, WFNX, WGIR, WHEB, WUML. Somewhere in-between, they even managed to record and release an album, Fear, Lies, and Propaganda.

Recorded at Moontower Studio in Cambridge, MA and mastered by Grammy award winner Jay Frigoletto, Fear, Lies, Propaganda was re-released by Screaming Ferret Wreckords/ Locomotive Records / Ryko Distribution on April 8th, 2008.

“Recording Fear, Lies, and Propaganda was a very busy but rewarding time,” recalls the group’s leader, Savage. “Mongrel doesn't really know how to take time off, so while we were recording, we were also playing 6-10 shows a month. Our nights off from shows more often than not meant an afternoon and/or evening in the studio to do some tracking, overdubs, or mixing whenever the studio was available. The great thing was that, despite the busy schedule, no matter who was at the studio on a given night, we were always productive and had a lot of fun.”

Balancing old school punk intensity with hard rock hooks and riffs, Fear, Lies, and Propaganda captures a hungry, young Rock band ready to take on the world, as evidenced by such standout tracks as “Bound to Crash,” “Dyslexic Alchemist (Fucked it all away),” “No Gods, No Masters,” and especially “West Memphis Hell,” the latter of which focuses on the highly controversial West Memphis 3.

But the album is only part of the equation, as Mongrel live is an equally unforgettable experience. “Once we're on stage, it's no holds barred with the always possible risk of injury with 3 people up front in near constant motion. It's high energy, intense, fun, and interactive. Fans can expect a band that is always willing to hang out and chat, as we are all music fans too, and are always eager to talk to the bands that we love, so it is very important for us to interact with anyone who wants to at our shows.”

Despite Fear, Lies, and Propaganda causing some major waves, Mongrel is already keeping an eye on their future. “We’ve already written and road tested a lot of material for our next album, which we’re planning to start recording soon.” The band is also beginning to tour more extensively in support of “Fear”, both in the US and abroad.