Steven Memel at IMC

2 years ago, I attended a music conference named IMC (Independent Music Conference) for 3 days in LA. Other musicians told me to go and check out this brilliant vocal coach named Steven Memel and so I did. His approach was different than any other vocal coaches I've seen before. He wasn't only concentrating on how to sing better but he was also teaching how to be "great" and how to be a "star" on stage! And I loved his ideas.

At one point during his speech; he said that the singers should concentrate on their performance and their relationship with the audience, FIRST. And they should be ready and able to ignore the other conditions on stage, if anything goes wrong. He said it over an over that if the sound is not good, or if there are any problems with the band, we should be able to isolate ourselves from all the negative things going on around us, because we can not control everything... but we can control our performance, by believing and acting like everything is great at that moment. He told us that we are the "star" on stage, so we should act like a "star" and then the audience will not even recognize the negative things.

Being a perfectionist and someone who worries a lot about every single detail, this helped me a lot at my gig the next day at the end of the conference, at MI. We had some crucial problems with the guitar cable and more than half of the set the guitar sound was not even heard, so I had to sing my songs over bass and drums, only. But Steven's words were ringing in my ears and I did not let anything bother me. I just concentrated on my performance (singing and the way I move on stage) and after the show I got a lot of compliments from the professionals who attended the conference.

Now, this doesn't of course mean that the guitar sound or the band's sound is not important. It rather means that if there are any problems that you can not fix when you are on stage, then you should not let this drag you down. You should learn to the be the"STAR" under any condition!"

Talking Sicks - 12/12/08

It was a great gig at Talking Sticks, last Friday! Although, I felt like a fish out of water without my band (because it was an acoustic show) it turned out to be really good! And the host of the night, Anette Conlon (head of Nette Radio) even suggested that I should consider doing an acoustic album next. Himmm, she's not the first one who suggested this; so I guess I should seriously start thinking about it:))


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