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SNORK are in the process of recording their first offering. It's taking awhile, well you can't rush perfection sweetie. Expect about 14 tracks. It's all totally DIY, no recording studios charging big bucks for SNORK, nah -baby we likes it raaaawwwwww

SNORK this fri 10th Jan @ THE WESTBURY

SNORK are looking forward to returning to the wicked WESTBURY this Fri 10th Jan. SNORK shall be airing some new songs too. This venue is ace!!

Next Gig: Punk Club!

[Description] Punk Club returns with:

Petrol Bastard http://www.facebook.com/petrolbastard?fref=ts

SNORK www.snork.me http://www.facebook.com/snork.rule

Betty's Rifle http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bettys-Rifle/496473860391467

Entry £4 if you click attending/with flyer or £5 on the door

+ DJs Stef [Angelbomb] Gareth Angel [Angelbomb]