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It's time to hit the studio

“Hey Punks! The NimbWits is proud to announce that we will hit “Tapf studio” in Copenhagen and start recordings for our new coming album November 17, 2016. We have been working intense the past year to create follow up material for our debut album “To Punk or not to be”, and now we are ready to “get it done”. The recording plan feature 12 songs entitled for the process under the name “End of The World". Expect no ballads or mind healing relaxing songs, but prepare for a bunch of refreshing fast cracking noisy Punk Rock. We schedule the results to be released during the spring of 2017. And of course, we will share the process on our site and keep you all posted. Cheers!”

2016 update from The NimbWits Camp

Hey punks! It is time for an update on The NimbWits. Since last, we have completed 2015 by playing a few shows in Copenhagen. We have also been working on some new material, though not at the pace as we might wish, There have been some external circumstances that have made it a little difficult for us for a short period of time at the end of 2015. The beginning of 2016 started great for us, we have moved into a new rehearsal room that we share with our friends from the thrash metal band Artillery, and we are now working to improve the new songs that we have already written and we think that we have raised our level at several stages. We are currently working to write several new songs that according to our plans should become our second album. Take Care brothers and sisters

Update, may 2015

Here is an update from The NimbWits camp. Currently we are working very seriously on writing new songs for our next album. Currently we have written six new songs, which are more or less finished, some of them need to be refined a little. The songs are just as aggressive as the songs on the "To Punk Or Not To Be" album. The songs have the following working titles: “End of the world” – “Ostesangen” – “Endless luv” – “Jo Jo the hellcat” – “Metal intro (Sirens”) – “Solen stiger op”. We still have so many ideas for new songs, and we are now in the process of writing song no. 7 and more songs are in the pipeline. On the live front, we have a couple of shows confirmed in the autumn. We will play in Taastrup to a private summer party at MC Heden on June 12. We have a show in Odense on August 21 and we have a show in Copenhagen on September 12. (More info coming up). Finally, we will take this opportunity to wish all you all a nice punkish summer. Take Care Brothers and Sisters


YEAH!! Today is the day!! Our debut album "To Punk Or Not To Be" has been released world wide and digital and we are so f**** proud of it! If you live in Copenhagen, hurry up and go get it in either Rock Uglen, Beat Bop or Sex Beat Records. The price is only 100 DKK for this double treat! If you don't live in Copenhagen, and can't find it in a store near you, then you can buy it directly from us for 100 DKK + postage. Just send an email to nimbwits@gmail.com The album is also available on Amazon, Google Play etc etc. Cheers!! We hope you like the shit!

News about our debut album

Hey There!

Here's some news from The NimbWits camp .... Our new album is now mastered and the cover is designed and everything is handed to the boss from our record label (Schizophrenic Inc.) so the next step can be taken in an effort to get the album released. The album is titled "TO PUNK OR NOT TO BE." and the title is inspired by Hamlet, as you probably already figured out yourself.. A little bonus info: Almost everything about this album is held within The NimbWits family. The music is of course played by us, but the cover design, drawings and photos are all done by family members .... And this is pretty cool we think

The album will contain of 12 new songs plus a bonus song with Michael Stutzer (Artillery) and Michael Denner (Mercyful Fate / King Diamond) guest appearing with some pretty cool guitar solos. We've also got Sara Oddershede from Vanir to guest appear on one of the songs with some bagpipe and flute. The first edition of the album will also contain our Demo CD as an extra bonus. The album will total last approx. 60 minutes..

Stay tuned for more info...

Some news from the studio

Hello Punks!

Here's some news from The NimbWits camp. Patrick our excellent producer has started to turn the buttons and mix all the songs. We have listened to the mixes and come with our comments on what we think ought to be changed and we are very close to having found the best sound that we believe will kick some serious ass ..... We also agreed on the title of the album. And the album will be called??? Ha ha! The title we keep to ourselves for a little while .... but we will soon reveal the title for you ... The cover is also close to being finished, but we still lack the final details. The cover is drawn by Chris Schøler Lehmann and the design is made by Jeanette Schøler Lehmann ... We think it looks promising so far ... So please be patient and stay tuned for more info and shit from our camp..

The deal is done \m/

The NimbWits is fucking proud to announce that we have signed a record contract with Schizophrenic Inc. by Jacob Meilandt Nielsen, recording in Wolf Rider Production by Patrick Fragtrup. The coming NimbWits debut CD is in great progress and we all look forward to share the work with you - stay tune !! punks not dead just older and uglier.

What a great month!!

WOW!!! March has been such a fantastic month for us ... We started working in the studio Wolf Rider Production, Copenhagen at the beginning of the month and it has exceeded all of our expectations .... And we are very happy and looking so much forward to finish the job in the studio .. We also had our debut in the Danish TV, which was a great experience for us. On Friday, March 21, we will sign a record contract in the studio and we will unveil the record company during the weekend .... So we have absolutely no reason to complain about anything at the moment ... We are just happy and we just want to thank you all for the great support we have received until now ...And we hope that you will continue supporting us THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

The NimbWits at danish tv show "Kont@kt"

The NimbWits at the danish tv-show "Kont@kt" where we talked about our forthcoming album...Check it out here if you like (Only on danish) http://www.lorry.dk/video?video_id=88797

The NimbWits in TV

Here's a link to our very first appearence in Danish Television - talking about friendship - age and our forthcoming debut album.It all in danish though. http://www.lorry.dk/artikel/205979?autoplay=1&video_id=88781