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Dec '08 Show material added:

12/28/08: The practice clips of our 4 songs for the 12/12/08 show were added. One clip is the 15 minute final practice set run through - a rough recording using only one mic (unfortunately resting on the bass amp, so its pretty bassy). The other 4 are clips of the songs we use to practice against. See the details for each song. Let us know what you think, what you want to hear, and where you want us to play next. We can arrange a three band set-up for the budget minded (ie: we play for beer :-)) with 30 Year After, Triple X, and the world renowned (soon) Sealth (see their RevebNation site).

Reverb Nation Site Created

I loaded some material onto Reverbnation site today. I added some old cassette tapes of Doug when he was a kid and played with his buddies Bob Shaffer, Marty Opacich and Matt Rice. Entertaining, if not embarassing..these clips are a bit muddy (1978 maeature production), and shows you where Doug's rock roots come from. Will try to get some newer 30 Years After stuff on, but most of it is just from video. But I added some 30 Years After videos from our 1st gig at Studio Seven in Oct 2007, and pictures from our gigs to date.