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SUCCESS!!! Melodies of Spring Concertt in New York City

The Melodies of Spring Concert on April 14, 2013, was a great success!!! People laughed, they cried and they were touched by all of the performers. Soprano Marla Kavanaugh Rodriguez brought people to their news with some amazing opera tunes, but the Ave Maria brought a few to their knees. Tenor Sergio Marin knocked it out of the ballpark with "Panis Angelicus" and in our duet the song "The Prayer." These two got great reviews which will be available at the http://www.MelodiesofNYC.com page! Check it out! http://www.melodiesofnyc.com/Melodies_of_Spring_Concert_2013.html http://www.melodiesofnyc.com/Melodies_of_Spring_Concert_2013.html

Baby E is doing Better

Baby E is still in the hospital but she is doing better. They are still waiting to see if the bone marrow transplant will heal her infantile Leukemia. https://www.facebook.com/LoveForPrincessElizabeth

Singing our Hearts Out for Baby Elizabeth tonight in Concert!

Tonight is our Melodies of Spring Concert featurinig the beautiful Soprano Marla Kavanaugh, Tenor Sergio Marin and myself, singing songs from the American Songbook, Pop, Broadway Tunes, Opera and Sacred music. I am dedicating this concert to Baby Elizabeth and her Family!

Baby E, as she is known is fighting the fight of her life with Leukemia. She was back in the hospital this week. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. Please read about Baby E and leave kind words for her and her family at her page at: https://www.facebook.com/LoveForPrincessElizabeth

Tonight's Concert Details:

The Actors Temple Theatre 339 West 47th Street New York, NY

The $25.00 Tickets can be purchased at the door or at www.telecharge.com.


Teary Eyed today for Baby E

Baby Elizabeth was rushed too the hospital today with low counts. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. In solidarity, would you go to my FB page and post Baby E's banner to your FB page please? https://www.facebook.com/CarmenAmorosGoldberg1

Let your songs be mood, soul, heart and life changing for the better!

I am a fine arts artist, a singer and an actress who has worked on Law and Order SVU, CSI and 7 feature films, but with all of the creativity and artistry that God has given, every morning I wake up realizing that I have been given much and must be thankful to my creator and pay it forward. I must not keep my talents exclusively for those places where people go get a little high out of it, then go home and forget it. My talent and your talent was created for a higher purpose. It was intended to bring a kind of lasting and permanent joy. So my friend dear artist, remember in the morning to give God thanks for your talent and present your instrument to Him to annoint so that you'll fill every house and EVERY HEART!

Give God all the praise and all of the thanks no matter where you sing, whether it's in church, on the street corner, down in the subway, a stadium or a club. In that darkness that surrounds you, be the LIGHT THAT SHINES FOR HIM and the comfort that your words bring, will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN and may possibly save someone who decided to give one last moment of pleasure a try, just by going to see you sing or play, perhaps before giving up on life, because that is why many people go to venues, to fill something that may be missing in their lives. You be the one to fill those cups with a lasting memorable joy and peace, the one whose song saves someone about to give up on it all.

Let your songs always bring the answer that only the Lord inside of you can bring to others, through your special message! God's love through you and the music you create is the best healer of all. A singer's greatest mission in life is to sooth and make people think with their music, but leading people to joy, peace and back to the love of their God is really the most important reason to sing! Love all of those of you who have enjoyed your music, not just by thanking them, but by leading them to the everlasting giver of peace to the soul.

I promise you. You will feel complete as an artist because your music is like a lullaby to the soul. You'll see that each time you write an soft or upbeat song or lyric with the intent to 'heal' your life will accumulate more peace and spiritual fulfilment. You will reap the greatest success of all 'satisfaction.' You won't go through life panging for those things you used to yearn for, because you have reached your higher purpose.

Shine your light to the world for the Lord!

I don't like the word "fan" I prefer to say you are my friends! Friendship is more permanent and I am keeping all of you for a long time as my friends!

Come listen to my general program at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.Com/NewYorkPodcastingCafe.

Love you all!

Baby E Doing better After Marrow Transplant

It has been reported to me by Meghan Coutieri, a relative of Baby Elizabeth is doing better after her bone marrow transplant, please keep praying for her. Her parents celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary today. Friend me on FB and say hello! Isn't Baby E a darling? She has Leukemia and just got a bone marrow transplant, but her little spirit doesn't cease to reflect that spark. We are all praying for her and I know she is going to get through this. Keep praying! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4022131771987&set=vb.1842240834&type=2&theater

Adult & Teenage Suicide: Why I Wrote "Never the Same"

Several young people in their teens and three in their twenties, emailed me thanking me for writing the song "Never the Same." I wrote it because depression is real and good people are affected by it. Depression is caused by many things cause it, physical health problems, personal problems, such as bullying in schools, loss of a job, financial problems, divorce or family estrangement and sometimes mental chemical inbalances. There is a lot of teenage suicide and adult suicide and I wanted this song to tell people going through thoughts of suicide, that whatever they face serve to make them better, stronger vessels with a renewed purpose. They may broken but the Master Potter their creator will not let them down. Like an urn that has broken and shattered He will pick up the pieces, crush them, grind them down to dust, turn them into clay and then rebuild them into beautiful new lives once again They will live to tell their stories and they will "Never be the Same."

Join Carmen in the Melodies of Spring Concert April 14, 2013

Join Soprano Carmen Amoros, Marla Kavanaugh and Tenor Sergio Marin in their upcoming Melodies of Spring Concert April 14, 2013, The Actors Temple Theatre, 339 West 47th Street, New York, NY 10036. Http://www.Telecharge.Com. o order tickets by phone: Telecharge 212-239-6200 or 800-447-7400. http://tinyurl.com/bbhnyaz

Baby E Continues to Battle Leukemia

I appealed to my Facebook friends earlier this week, to please keep Baby E in their prayers. She underwent a bone marrow transplant in an attempt to cure her Leukemia. Her little body is still trying to learn how to process the transplant. Please keep her in your prayers and meditations.

Song Never the Same by Carmen Amoros

My song went from 275 in the Charts yesterday to 195. How cool is that! Praise the Lord! Please listen to it and share how much you like it!