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Sarah and the Arrows

In October, I decided to get up some courage and see if some of the superheroes of female folk and bluegrass would want to form a group. Introducing Sarah and the Arrows (www.sarahandthearrows.com)

"Sarah and the Arrows emerged out of mutual and musical admiration between friends who were fortunate enough to overlap in the folk circles of Philadelphia, PA. Sarah and the Arrows includes Sarah Napolitan on the guitar, Rosie McNamara Jones on the violin, Stacy Weathers on the banjo, Lee Vuotto on the bass, and Sharon Fisher on percussion. The group predominantly plays the original songs of Sarah Napolitan, as well as some by Stacy Weathers. The group also enjoys covering a wide variety of songs known well in contemporary, folk, and country circles. "

Come out and check us out!

New Projects

Life is never boring. Life is actually pretty wild, and I'm just beginning to appreciate how hilarious it is, which is why I've started to write some materials that's...well... FUNNY! I've also been playing with three different sets of incredible humans- one being an all-female group including Ryann Lynch on the fiddle, Stacy Weathers on banjo, and Lee Vuotto on bass. I'm also part of The Resistance with John Strauss and Eugene Smith, and continue to love singing with The Turnips. Summer was busy and full of travel, and the Fall is bringing lots of new gigs and music my way. Cheers!

CD Release Party

So for right now, the tentative date of the CD release party is Saturday 5/18/13, and it'll be held at the Little Spiders Have Big Dreams studio in Phoenixville, PA- please save the date!

New Years Resolution: A Song a Week

I'm not one for resolutions, unless it means immediately not caring about the ridiculous expectation I set for myself yet again. This New Years, I decided that I'd make a resolution to write one song per week- mostly because this is something I'd love to do, and can see no better way to procrastinate than to strum around. Check out "All Videos" for at least one new song per week. I'm hoping this will continue to be a year-long "song journal" that you can join along with. Happy New Year!

Making an album

I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to have worked with musicians such as Teri Rambo, Michael Ronstadt, Ryann Lynch, Ernie Tokay, Gene Smith, Lee Vuotto, John Strauss, and countless others who have so generously contributed to this album. These people are first and foremost excellent humans, and are certainly amazing musicians.