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New Cleotis CD

Hi all, as of last night I got done recording all the sound for my new CD. I am not close to being done by a long shot. LOL Took me 9 months to write and record all sounds for new CD! I still have to write and record Vocals for 6 songs then mix and master! I hope to have new Album done by Fall( if my studio tan agrees with me)! I will have CD listening party in Melbourne Fl. (but u knew that already because u are in the Cleotis Family) LOL! Still trying to figure out name for new Album!!! Well have fun, be kind, and safe! Thanks for all the support!!! Peace!!!


What does music mean to you? What was the first song that u really connected with? What was your first concert! Music is a part of my soul it is how I navigate through this world,and how I express myself!!! With out music and the ocean I would be lost!!! I feel sorry for people that have never connected with any music!!!


Thanks for all the support!!!!!!!!