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Buddy, Guy, Friend

What's Up All You Ragers!! So it's been awhile since we've posted a blog but that's only because we've been busy with the new "RAGE-CAST".....We've been doing this blog for about 2 years now and have really enjoyed it but it is difficult for the 4 of us to continue coming up with things weekly for you guys to read and in all honesty the comedy doesn't always come across in words. So we've decided to focus more on our podcast (RAGE-CAST) but fear not we'll still post blogs it just won't be as frequent as it has been. Now as for this podcast.....well as of right now you can listen to it on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL or at DESOLATERAGE.COM and we're in the process of getting it up on iTunes for you guys. We've really had a good time doing the 4 episodes for far and in future episodes we'll have some guests joining us to jump into the fun! So we had a show this past Saturday Jan. 24, 2015 with Vernon Howell, Torque Down, Hereafter, and Sludgehammer @ the Smiling Buddha. It was a good night and even though we went on first to open the night the venue was pretty full which is always a nice way to start. It was Adrian and Ted (from Vernon Howell) birthdays so in typical D.R. fashion we played our rendition of Happy Birthday for them and had a blast. Thanks again to all the bands that night and most of all everyone that came out to support us...it is greatly appreciated!! Over the next little while we'll hopefully be working on our music video for Straight Jacket and I'm sure there will be a few video blogs and Rage-Casts coming down the line so stay tuned and don't forget that if you guys have anything you want answered by us during the Rage-Cast drop us a line at desolaterageband@hotmail.com or on twitter #AskRageCast and we'll be sure to answer them. So until we meet again folks...STAY METAL and keep supporting your local metal music scene cause it's the only one we have and we need to keep it alive and strong!! Cheers, Jorge

About Time

Since he was challenged by Jeff in the last blog to write a post......here is the link to Nelson's blog written in crayon and all!! http://desolaterage.blogspot.ca/2015/01/about-time.html

Blue, Blue (Balls) Christmas!

Alright people, another blog entry from yours truly. This week I have absolutely nothing to talk about. Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nada! It’s rough coming up with new topics each week with out running the risk of becoming stale. Stale as in week old Italian bread that you can use as bricks to build houses with. There are only so many blogs about upcoming shows and events that we can do before the reader tunes out and we begin to sound like Charlie Brown’s mom. WAAH WAAAH WAAH WAAH. This blog entry is already 3 days overdue for submitting and I don’t give a shit. I really am tapped out on topic ideas. Jorge if you don’t like that? Well now …… Go fuck your self. LOL Ok fine, before the little prick gets upset let me apologize. Jorge I am sorry ☺ please be my friend again? Let me now pick on Marco or Nelson who BTW has not contributed a blog entry in about 6 months. You lazy bastard! I now publicly issue an open challenge to Nelson (guitarist for Desolate Rage, whom I have to identify b/c he never posts on here) you have one week to scrounge up a piece of drywall, borrow some crayons from your nephew or niece and try really hard to write in 50 words or less a blog to be submitted next week. Are you “MAN” enough to accept? See what happens when I don’t have shit to talk about? I turn on my closest of friends and insult everyone. It’s all in good fun and I am sure I will be the subject of some sort of revenge in the coming blogs. Stay tuned. Christmas is fast approaching and I can’t wait till it’s over with. X-mas songs on the radio all day and night are giving me the shits. I am looking forward to spending some time with my daughter and wife as I don’t get to see them that often due to work hours. So at least I got something to look forward to. As this will be my last blog before the year is over let me take the time to wish all of you a merry ho-ho and a not so shitty new year. Take some time during the holidays and spend it with the people most important to you. P.S Try not to have a Blue, Blue (Balls) Christmas. Get laid if you can ☺ Cheers Jeff

The Fruit Bandit

Hello,     Let's start off with something totally off-topic, as I'm writing this blog I just came back from the supermarket and bought my parents a case of tangerines. My mother is giving me shit because the basket is half-empty, asking me where all the tangerines went, only for us to find my youngest daughter here has been putting all the tangerines in every pair of shoes or boots that she could find.....totally off-topic but I thought I'd give everybody a little laugh. It's funny to see the things the little rug-rats do to drive us crazy, but you gotta love them.         So what's been new with DR? Not too much really since our last show, which was a good one and we had a pretty good crowd, but I won't talk too much about that since most of you already know how the show went, and how we were a little annoyed with some of the people we had to deal with. I guess that's part of playing shows. We're working on polishing up some of our new songs and we would like to start working on the third song of the four-part series. Once the four songs are completed it should be something worth listening to. I'm kind of excited to work on the new song since it's been a little while since we really worked on anything new.          We also have something new called a "Rage-Cast" which you can tap into when you go online to our website and get to know more about us and also share any questions that you might have for us at #AskRageCast (on twitter) or via email at desolaterageband@hotmail.com. It's something that we've never done before but I think we're really going to enjoy doing it so for whoever is reading this, don't hesitate to listen in to the Rage-Cast and get to know us a little more, shoot off those questions you may have, believe me no question is too weird for this band. Desolate Rage is looking forward to hearing from you out there and we want you to get to know us a little better. We're just trying to create a connection with everyone around the world. We hope to hear from you all soon and until next time, just keep on Raging! Marco

Ignorance is Bliss

"Never rub another man’s rhubarb"......."this town needs an enema!" That pretty much sums up my rant for today! I won't mention any names cause there’s no point and my gripe is a generic one and not directed to one specific person(s). So we had our final gig of 2014 at the Smiling Buddha this past weekend and in typical D.R. fashion I felt that we put on another good performance considering we didn't go on until almost 1 a.m. (a good 40 mins behind schedule) oh well c'est la vie. So here's my beef.....ready....set.....go! We take great pride in our sound and have worked hard to get that unique D.R. sound that we have. Our gear is of great pride to us and costs a fair amount of money....so where THE HELL DOES SOMEONE GET THE BALLS TO ASK US TO USE OUR GEAR! All the bands discussed gear sharing beforehand and there was a clear line drawn about not sharing amp heads, etc. Once again this weekend we were asked "hey man can I use your amp head" "FUCK NO!!" and the best part is that this little prick then has the balls to go around asking other bands cause they didn't bring their amp heads.....holy fucking wow!!! Take pride in your sound and the music you play and bring your own fucking gear (at least your amp head) to a show that you commit playing! Shit like this drives me crazy!!! I can't believe some bands and their laziness about bringing gear. I understand that sometimes it's difficult because of the space in the venue but still figure it out. Outside of that it was a good show and looking forward to the new year and getting back on the stage but in the meantime we've got some stuff to complete (Music video, photo-shoot, etc.). Jeff eluded to the fact that we're going to try a podcast and hopefully it'll be out this week and we'll try to make it a monthly thing to start and see from there. So if you have any questions for the band send them to #AskRageCast (twitter) or desolaterageband@hotmail.com and we'll try to answer them during our podcast. Till next time......keep raging!!! J

Desolate Rage Will Never Forget

Desolate Rage will never forget and neither should you! Hey guys and gals, This previous week on November 11th was Remembrance Day here in Canada or Veterans Day in the States and a few other names in other parts of the world. The meaning is pretty much the same. Remembering all those who died in the First World War and every other war since should be on everyone’s mind. I am quite the History buff and have been fascinated with this period in time covering 1900 to 1950 and how the world changed for good during those decades. We still deal with some of that ideology today and defiantly feel the after affects of all that happened. So again the least we can all do on days like these are take the time to reflect on all the lives lost for us to have the freedom to do as we please today. I could go on for days about this subject but on to other things. We have another gig this coming Friday at The Smiling Buddha’s Club located in the West end of Toronto. We are headlining this show going on real late approx 12:20 AM There will be a whole variety of bands playing this show covering a few Genres. It will also be our last show of the year unless something real big or juicy comes up? We like to take December off to spend time with our families and to just work on some stuff that we never have time for such as pictures, videos and writing. Jorge has even introduced the notion of doing a Pod cast in the coming months. That should be really interesting. The four of us with a Mic and open forum to talk about anything we want might not be such a great idea. I can see the lawsuits now. LOL Anyways, you all have a nice weekend. Talk soon. Jeff

Blast From The Past

Good day everyone, It been 12 years since Desolate Rage had the opportunity to play with DWA, but that all changed this past Friday and it really was a blast from the past. Way back when we were called 'Bleed' was it a regular occurrence to share the stage with DWA, these are a bunch of guys who played similar styles to us and it sure was nice to have another band to run with. Like I said to the guys from DWA 'let's not make it the last time we play together', now it's up to them to figure where they will go from here. Friday's show was full of a few surprises. For starters, the first band showed up late and this forced the following bands including DR to cut a few songs off of our set and only played four songs. The Velvet turns into a nightclub at 11:00pm and all the bands must be off of the stage by that time so I do understand the shortening of sets, what I didn't understand is why the bands who are on time to have to pay the price for bands who are late, but I guess that's another story all together. There was absolutely no time in between bands to set up, I played with three less cymbals for this reason and my drums felt really uncomfortable without having time to set them up accordingly but we made do with the the little time we had. The monitors to the right of me sounded ripped up to the point where whenever Jeff hit a chord on his bass, it was pure farting coming from the speaker. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention there was no room to set up our equipment which was also annoying, but these are things you come across when playing shows and trying to ignore the negatives really is the best thing to do or your night will really suck. On a positive note, we made the best of it while on stage and had a lot of fun with the little time we had. And it was nice to hear DWA play once again and they didn't do a bad job either, they have a spot reserved on any bill should they decide to keep on truckin' but time will tell. So for those of you who made it out to the show, I hope you enjoyed it and for those of you who didn't.......well now you have a reason to come see us rip shit up at The Smiling Buddha on November 21, 2014. Till next time, Marco

Surrounded By Giants

“We represent the lollipop guild, the lollipop…..the fuck!!? Lol So before we begin let me set the record straight on something (since our bass player decided to mention my height). Yes I’m shorter than everyone else in the band and most of my friends but that’s not because I’m “short” it’s because I’m surrounded by a bunch of giants. Truth be told I’m probably average height (around 5ft 9’) but my bandmates have all decided to be closer to or taller than the 6 foot range which of course makes me look like a little person especially in between them. The good thing is that they know it’s raining before I do and that gives me time to hide under a coffee table or in a tree and bake some cookies so I don’t get wet…. ;) Now onto the good stuff (and no not the Keebler elf cookies)…..this Friday we’re playing once again and as written in other blogs we will be hitting the stage with our friends in D.W.A. (Driving With Alzheimers….no no no, Designated Waiting Area……that’s not it either, I’ve got it Down With Acronyms). Not going to lie I’m pretty excited about this show since it’s been 12 years since we shared the stage with them so come on out on Friday to the Velvet Underground, we hit the stage at around 10p.m. and D.W.A (Driven With Aggression) is on around 9:15 as well as some other really good bands Desolation, Bingeninja, and Aquila! While you’re at it have a beer and listen to some killer metal. We might even hand out a few free shirts like our last show and maybe even a CD or some stickers. I’m sure Marco will have a good follow up in his blog next week and he’ll give you the low down on how things went if you can’t make it out or he’ll talk about stinky people or Jeff or maybe even our dry-waller with his dollar store horn…lol Till next time Cheers, J

A Rhode Island What?

Hello again, Just to clarify last week’s blog from our dearest dumb-ass drummer Marco who referred to me as a “Long Bearded Rhode Island Jeff” This goes back to our unhealthy fascination with poultry which dates back to our album “Nemesis” in which we use a clip from the movie Devil’s Rejects, the scene where some of the cast go out to buy chickens for a feast. It’s a pretty funny ass clip and we tied it somehow to our song “Parallel Life” where the ending riff sounded at least to us like a chicken clucking? We laughed and thought it would be awesome to use that clip with that song. So we did, ever since we have been hearing chickens clucking everywhere in our songs. I know it’s fucked up right? So there you have the explanation as best as I could explain it as to why I was referred to as a chicken. Still sounds dumb to me even after I read this back to myself, but there you have it. Halloween Bitches! My favorite time of year is fast approaching. Even as a grown ass man I still love this season. I just finished decorating my place and it looks pretty good. This year I have dusted off my “Satan Clause” costume which I will be wearing for my annual Halloween Bash. The whole band will be there and few of our close friends. I hope to post some pics of the night on our various media outlets. Well more like give them to Jorge to have posted since that little leprechaun holds on to our web site passwords like it’s a pot of gold or something? LOL look forward to seeing what the rest of DR looks like come Halloween. My predictions are: Jorge dressed as one of the Lollipop Kids? Marco dressed as Giant Cock with hairy balls and last but not least Nelson dressed as a Dry-Waller because he is too damn cheap to buy a real costume. Have a fun and safe Halloween! Jeff Desolate Rage

Long-bearded Rhode Island Red

Hello to all, I hope you are all well. It has been a pretty busy week to say the least, other than the usual going to work, commuting (we all know my thoughts on that subject) and spending time with the family. About a week ago, DR and Co. had the opportunity to see a pretty kick-ass show down at The Sound Academy. We were up in the VIP section thanks to some hook-ups through Jorge, and got a birds-eye view of the concert. The outdoor patio that with a view of Toronto was also a nice touch :) Other than the odd stage light pointing at our faces (man it was blinding) the view and sound was killer! We actually got to sit down for once and anyone who's ever been to a metal concert knows that is a rare occurrence indeed. We arrived just in time to grab a beer and hear Sabaton hit the stage. I have never heard of this band before and I must say it was a different experience and in my opinion Sabaton is more of a folk metal, an up-beat much Europeanized sound is the best way for me to put it. Although it isn't my flavour, I thought they were very good for they're genre. Individually the talent was apparent as every now and again you'd hear some crazy fast guitar solos. Cool double-bass drum beats and some power beats could also be heard which not too many metal drummers use nowadays (Tommy Lee style). Then there is Amon Amarth......how can I describe them? Watching and hearing them live is like listening to them on your headphones! Amon Amarth do not sacrifice showmanship for sound by any means as they did not miss a single note or beat, and that my friends, is how you really see a band's playing abilities in my opinion. I had missed the opportunity on two occasions to see them live, but I'll be damned if I was going to miss them a third time! I will go as far to say that they are probably the tightest metal band I have seen live, they barely took any breaks in between songs and it was ninety minutes of straight-forward, pure metal! That's just how we likes it!Now I could go into more detail on Amon Amarth's performance but I think you get the picture. It was cool to be there with my band mates of course, I mean what good is music if you don't have friends to share it with? Sure, Jorge needed a booster seat just to see the show, but that's just how it is sometimes, accommodation is key to a good venue. It was also the first time in twelve years I got to see a live metal show with Jeff, he's a bit of a stubborn prick and doesn't like 'crowds' but even he wasn't going to pass up the chance to see Amon Amarth live! If he even attempted to ditch this show I would have squeezed his bearded ass in a chicken crate next to a Rhode Island Red, the only way he'd escape would be to peck his ass free. It was a great way to kick-start the long weekend and damn it I'm glad I didn't miss Amon Amarth.....again! After seeing show like that I was in the mood to drive down to our studio and play a set, as a matter of fact I'm looking forward to hitting the stage again soon. Until next time, Marco