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London Calling

I've been asked to join Spencer Jones and Rob Gardner in lovely London from September till mid November! We'll be sitting in and recording with the London Symphony Orchestra at Abby Roads Studio! I mean, a dream come true to even visit that place. I've been hard at work writing as many songs as I can for the trip overseas. I'm happy to say that my brother Lance will be coming to film the entire experience! I'm also thrilled that Liss will be coming with us! I can't imagine going on this next step of our career without here! 

I will be playing with Redhill (and a few sets as Winchester) in various venues in London. I will keep this page updated as the dates get confirmed! 

We've been blessed beyond measure! We're just living the dream!

Redhill and Arizona

A great week ahead in Pheonix! I'm really looking for the shows this upcoming week! I'm getting a chance to play to a nearing sold out show with my cousin and partner in (songwriting) crime, Spencer Jones. If you haven't bought his album yet... do so here! http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1108938056?ls=1&app=itunes It's also on Spotify! If you listen real close, you can hear me playing guitar on a couple of the songs! - Legs

Master Blaster (Clever Girl Tour 2016)

This tour has a solid three months underneath its belt already! Wow, time really flies. I've already been all over the west coast. The upcoming months holds more of the same, nothing but smiles here!

It's been a learning experience. I feel older, wiser, sunburnt. 

I've seen some cool things. Met some cool people. Had some delicious coffee! (You guys gotta try "Pablo's Coffee" off of 6th Avenue next time you're in Denver. I swear, its like they have columbia in their back kitchen! It is delicious!

We have been able to add some cool covers to the set list. A few new original songs as well.

"Aftertaste", "Half-stack", "She's Alright". We have also smoothed out "Colorblind". A song written about my musical oppression as a child.

We've rotated a few new members in the band. Jared Bailey from the Thrill Collective down in Provo is now playing with us. I feel immensely blessed to have him! He brings so much technical skill to the group. But he still finds a way to make it... listenable. Haha, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. I've had my jaw drop to the floor before watching some drummers play. But if you don't have me moving, have you really done your job?

Last month saw me through Vegas, Denver, Anaheim, Salt Lake City and Idaho! So much beauty, I thought my eyes might overload. How terrible would that be? I'd die driving back to Liss! God couldn't be that cruel. 

The upcoming month has us playing the NICS Fest in Wyoming (Headlining, to be precise). We've even been printed out in their magazine! Although they did spell the name of the band incorrectly. You just have to laugh to keep from crying. Two steps forward... you know the rest.

I also have the privilege of playing with the new project by Spencer Jones, "Redhill". I was blessed to play guitar on a few of the tracks. We have a big release for the album coming up on the 4th of June. It's been sold out (Well, close to it)! A big ole auditorium! Spencer and I have talked about selling out places since we were kids on opposite coasts. Life seemed a lot bigger then. 

June also has us in Denver, American Fork, Omaha! I'm excited to come out and see you guys! Take a look at the "Shows" page to find out the details! 

Clever Girl (Available today!)

Today is the long awaited day! Clever Girl is available to the public! It's been a wild ride! I can't wait for you to hear these tracks! I'd like to thank my beautiful wife Alissa! I couldn't have done it without her support! This album represents all the goofy and catchy music I love! The best years of my life so far! I've been privileged to work with some amazing musicians throughout this revolving door process of Clever Girl! I've been blessed beyond comprehension! We had the album reviewed! Take a look below! - Sarah Meyer, Aurora CO, Sour Note Music Reviews "Clever Girl kicks off with the light lucky, a song about dating Dean dating Alissa, and the benefits of playing music to empty venues. A positive look on an average life. The song ends with some grit, leading straight into Epinephrine. The hardest hitting of the album. Guitar dances around 80's hard hitting stadium chords emulating each pulse of blood I felt during my, near fatal, car crash with Danien, his proclaimed "heterosexual life partner in crime". The chorus echoes questions to everyone with ears, are you enough? Rhythmical mind control follows in Pom Pom, a tribute the the years Alissa spent in cheer. By far the highlight of the album! The song deserves to be played on repeat at least five times before moving on to the next track! Does the song make any sense... not really. But that's what makes each song so great. A deluded sense of reality that brings life back to the basic core need. Happiness and the sense of being alive. Original sin pays tribute to early Maroon 5 with its syncopated strumming and (although, only superficially) racy subject matter. A love song from the ego with a funky stop midway through the chorus. Pride rounds off the album. A final push of determination against troubling odds. A wave of dynamics pass throughout the song, leading up to a tsunami crescendo. One last feral "Yeah" from Dean before you push repeat and start the cycle all over again! Clever Girl is low-fi, its rock at the grassroots! Its a call back to The Beatles and Stones, it touches what Springsteen and Petty preached from the microphone. You'll swear you've heard these songs before and at the same time, they will as fresh and new as when you discovered the classics, so many years ago. Winchester has found the formula. Fingers crossed they keep it safe!" I will be seeing you guys soon! I can't wait to get out there and promote this album! What a GREAT DAY! - Dean Nelson

There and Back Again

The Arizona trip was a resounding success! The What an amazing studio! Recording at the Flying Blanket with Bob Hoag (sure, its name dropping) was quite the experience! I am beyond grateful for the opportunity presented by my heterosexual life parter in musical crime, none other than Spencer Jones!

Bob's process was completed through his strict routine! I've never seen someone so fast and adept with the process! It makes me appreciate his talent and the mythology that comes along with his name!

I'm excited for you guys to hear what we've done! Even now, Spencer and Bob are putting the vocals on the tracks! Its a project I'm very proud of!

I'm also excited for "Clever Girl" to be released! We've hit a snag with the mixing processes for the song "Pride". It will be well worth the wait though! Computers can be such frustrating things!

It's the week before christmas, I hope this finds you well! Dean

AZ Bound

I'm leaving to Arizona to record with my cousin, the astonishing Spencer Jones! He's had this trip planned for a while now! We'll be recording with a Neve mixing board... if you're not familiar with that, its okay! It the same thing that Nirvana used when making their classic "Nevermind"... if you're not familiar with that, it's not ok!

The final mixing on my album "Clever Girl" went well! (With the exception of a tiny hiccup on the song pride) the mastering process should begin soon. I'm thrilled to be once again working with Guy Randle (a legend in sound)!

My beautiful wife is kicking butt! As always! We're working together on getting you some more live acoustic songs, they should be mixed and out here to you shortly via the Live Album "Clever Boy, (Live and Acoustic)! I've had a string of good shows, I'm happy that you can hear what's been happening, even if you live across the country (Ahh, the beauty of the internet)!

We have a few local shows coming up! Including a big one with battle of the bands (where we always kill it, thanks to the fans) I hope to see you guys at one of the upcoming shows! I'm feeling crazier than ever!


First Things First

Can't remember where I left this thing! I have a couple new songs for you! Half-Stack and Aftertaste! I'll get them to you guys soon!

The CD is almost finished "Clever Girl" will be up here soon! It's sounding great! I've loved working with John Sermon at JJProductions! It's been a great experience! Seriously... A dream come true!

I'm also heading out to Arizona next month to record with my partner in crime Spencer Jones! We're recording a few of the songs that we have up here actually, "the way she moves" and "Summer"! I'll keep you guys updated and post some pictures and tell you all about it while its going down!


Welcome Back! How have you been? We have been busy recording and making new music! We're almost done with the best version of our songs money can buy (A crappy garage band version... incase you were wondering)! I have some news for you guys! We're playing "The Battle of the Bands" in SLC in less than a month (June 6th) I'll be making an event for it in a little bit! Ask one of us for a ticket and we'll get it to you (rain, snow, sleet... preferably SUN, maybe a nice little breeze too)! JUNE 6TH 2015 In The Venue 579 West 200 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 (Most likely we'll play at 8:30) A lot has changed since our lot show! Personal lives, I swore off cheese for a while.... (Don't worry, I came back to my senses) We have a great line up here now! I think you'll really dig the sound we have! Last year we did really well at this event! We hope to have a repeat here! (Pshh, we're totally gonna repeat!) No matter what happens, this will be a super fun show! Are we gonna get signed... hell no. But It'll be a fun night to remember instead of sitting at home, watching game of thrones. COME ON! YOU HAVE THAT ON DVR. Get out! Treat the lady to a nice night out! (maybe dinner before the show) Then come see us be goof balls and play some (in my not so humble opinion) "Decent music" Haha Join the event page and we'll get you some tickets! Share the page! We've got a ton of new stuff headed your way!

"Summer" and why she is so important

I sat on the steps and watched you drive away. I sat there for thirty mins, without moving. My guitar was on the other side of the door, right next to the computer in the library, when I stepped inside, I saw the guitar, grabbed it and went right back to where I was sitting. I wrote the music to this song from start to finish in one play through. I went back inside and grabbed a pen and paper and the stars helped me write down what I had sang. If you've ever tried to write a song, unless you're bob dylan, that won't happen. I wrote her... Actually I don't feel like I wrote her anything, that song was a gift from God to help me with my soon to be heart break. But the paper that I had put the pen to talked about how time wants changing, you know, someday I won't love the same song I loved today, or anything with tastes. The car that you have will eventually breakdown, and the face of the world, your face, time will make it different. But I would do anything to defy time, and make whatever we had work. After you left, I played that song anytime I felt bad. So I was playing it almost hourly. haha. And as the song suggest, time changed things. Even the words to the song I played to ease my heartache.

Eventually I showed Pacman the song, I said I wouldn't mind changing a few of the cheesy lines. And he came back with lyrics to help him ease his heartache from long ago. Maybe we both needed this song. He kept a few of the lines to the song, most of them have been changed to fit a different relationship, for a different person. The truth is I need time to wrap my head around the new lyrics, the was the song I played, literally every night to... I don't know. Fix myself I guess. Now it was different, now it was better. One night, we decided to go into to record the song (a different time than this recording) and I said "but we don't have the lyrics down yet, and he sent the one's you hear on this recording (which I love) and I responded "Its close but its not about how it happened anymore." or something like that and he said something that made me love the song even more. "That's how it happened to me" We sat down to practice the song before the first recording. And something clicked, we could have had the words to "john jacob jingleheimer schmidt" and it would have still been about that night on my porch, with the stars lighting my notepad and guitar. The notes of the song spell it out. They talk about you, the words speak of another girl he knew. But the music, this song, will always be yours. That's how this song saved the both of who wrote it. And whenever you hear it, you can be sure that we're only trying to remedy what time took from us. This song helped me to be happy again. Or, gave me a better understanding of thoughts I couldn't speak. I mean, you're happy now, and I have to live with that. haha