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Love Your Fam

I love my family to death, no one can come in between the bond we share with one another. That's why I made this song, if you love yours, listen and like this...

Back From The Dead

What Up? I hope yall can excuse my absence, I been on some whole other shit lately... but anyway tha boy is back and in full effect...Im about to post some new music on here...so for yall who was listening, Im back, and those who just tuning in, enjoy!!!

No Justice

God Bless America.....Help us wake up, and be helpful to one another, and not hateful towards one another...This nation is full of sin, we need to be cleansed. I wont give up on America, as long as you don't give up on me...WE NEED PEACE!!!!

Number One

Nuff Said!!!!!!!

Almost There

Thanks again for your help in making me number 2 on the ReverbNation Rap charts, and though I have come this far, the mission isn't complete. I have a long way to go to achieve full success. Anyway, since I'm this far along, help me be number 1! Much love to you for your support.

Check Out The New Video!!!!!

I just posted a new video...Like it..Love it...Or Hate it...its your choice...Either way I'm gonna keep grindin...


I'm just trying to blow up like a suicide bomber. I'm grinding my ass off trying to touch the top...but reverb nation is just the beginning of a journey that I feel will pay off in the best way for me. I want this...cause I love what I do....

Okay I'm Back!!!!

Its been a while since I been here, and I see that a few things have changed. I haven't changed, and I'm back to claim my crown again!

7 More Spots

I can't quit...cause I quit quitting. Im seven spots away from being number 1. I couldn't have come this far without my fans though. So Thanks to all who fan me...make me #1!!!


Damn...I ain't been on here long at all, and fell in the top ten a.s.a.p. The music speaks for itself. To all my fans, I cant thank you enough for the love and support. Keep it up. More is on the way. "Mahlly Matata for BEST NEW RAPPER" 2013 Mine