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realistic dreamer.

Fame isn't for me. I honestly just want people to appreciate the art and the work put into it. I wanna travel from small venue to small venue, perform during social gatherings and hear an applause from people that really enjoy the music. I want a little money here and there, but I also wanna be left alone. I dont need expensive vacations. Dont wanna buy out the bar. I just want somebody to walk up to me every once in a while and say "hey man, your music's dope." I think it'd be awesome to have a nice aqua colored car in the parking lot of my regular apartment complex. Go to and from my day job, come home, play playstation, write rhymes, record, and have a small group of fans excited for a release. I dont want my music to be compared to other people's . Don't want niggas sayin "he better than" or "he not as good as".. Nah.. Just want them all to remain entertained. Dope visuals every once in a while. Lyric videos. I wanna have all this stuff so I could like back and say "damn, I was pretty good, and people liked it." I guess I just dream different.