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Getting ready to record Lake Life

Before summer is here!

Songwriting with Thomas Tillman!

Full day session tomorrow with Thomas Tillman! We always have a blast! New material coming song!

Rainy Day Writing!

Stormy weather outside, stuck in the house all day, great time for writing! I've got 3 new ones going that are sounding really cool! Can't wait to finish them and share them with all of you. As always, thanks for listening! MP

"Lake Life" acoustic version...

I am very happy with my newest song "Lake Life"! I posted an acoustic worktape instead of waiting until I record it in the studio. I have also made a few minor revisions. Hope you guys like it. More coming soon! Thanks for listening! -MP

New Songs!

I have a bunch of songs finished lately but not recorded. Need to get back in the studio ASAP! Posted an acoustic work-tape of "Lake Life"! Hope you guys like it! More to come soon!!! MP

New songs coming!

Finishing up a couple new songs this week! Can't wait to share them with all of you!

Taylor Swift Concert!

Wow! Took my daughter to the RED show in Atl. What a concert! Awesome!

The Big Easy!

Headed to New Orleans this week to meet George Strait! Backstage passes at the Superdome! Thanks to Thom F! It's going to be a blast!

Songwriting Update...

Only finished 2 songs this week! Lazy I know! But they are good! I'll get them on here as soon as I can! Stay tuned!

Need a REGGAE singer for a project!

Recording this week in Atlanta.