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my dream job would first and foremost take setting around people that I am comfortable with alongside people who i personally would consider family. Being around people that you love and are comfortable with brings more joy to the workplace positive attitudes,laughing,joking,smiling all play a part in success. I love musix every aspect of it just love it. Making the initail instrumental for whatever genre that is about to be used is i've just recently learned how to do. Immediately after messing around with a program called reason and using a midi keybaord I fell with that also kind of like "love" at first sight! Writting songs is yet another thing that I love to do and I do that very well. Writting to me comes from heart mind and soul once all three connect and correspond "BOOM" magic happens! Last but not least performing is the number one thing that I just cannot get enough of. The crowds energy and then my energy meshes all together its like "WHOA" now this is a show. Traveling doing shows, being in the studio, making guest appearances, face time on t.v.......etc. That's my type of setting and enviorment. I would love to make the Billboard top 100 chart a times in the music industry. All in all I just want to be successful nothing more nothing less. Success is the key to a long career in anything that you do in life from teenage years to adult years. Dropping hit after hit pushing out music videos selling yourself to the public as a marketable artist. Nobody will ever invest in to you if you are not even investing in yourself. Me im going to be successfull and im not going to let anything stop that because im me and with the heavenly father on my side anything is achievable!!!!