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Getting My Professional Music Career Back On Track***

Getting my music career back on track will take a little time but i'm looking for the challenge, my life without me trying again would be unbearable,my promotion on reverbnation will start october 15th through nov.11th promoting my jazz fusion single 'The Groove' and promotion for 'Azetta's Theme' will start nov.11th for four weeks and possibly another before the 'Xmas, season ends,trying to get my music life back on track means that no.1 i'm looking for a gig with a professional artist be it r&b,pop,jazz and latin looking for a guitarist who also sings,no.2, any booking agent who might book me in the US,UK or europe performing doing 'George Benson' tribute shows like i've previously done in LA.,europe and UK for the past thirty five years,no.3,any artist who wants to cover any of my music or songs,please contact me through reverbnation,collaborate a deal,no.4,all of the above.I'm looking to generate some noise and make all professional contacts,booking agents,clubs,artist,record labels,radio,i'm ready to perform and get back on stage in the mainstream so look out for my promos,i will be doing promos with other music entities on the internet all starting in about nine days,i'm looking forward to getting back on the main stage and kicking some 'BUTT' ,musically,Emmett North Jr.

'Dave Freer (English Songwriter with Friends)'
'Dave Freer (English Songwriter with Friends)'  (over 1 year ago)

Sounds exciting Emmett. All the best.

Feeling Much Better Since Coming Home,My Music Career Still Promising***

It's the beginning of nine months since returning home to dayton and i felt that after touring the world,recording with some the biggest celebrity icons on the planet like Barry White,Isaac Hayes,Chuck Berry,Wolfman Jack to name a few,i felt that my music career was over and i would not ever play my guitar in front of a welcoming audience again made me pretty depressed,one of my best friends dying from cancer and me moving back here in winter from palm springs,yes i was pretty depressed but two of my friends helped me get my playing chops back because i hadn't played in awhile,thanks to Bob 'Big Cutty' Bas and Mack McCollough who lives down the street from me,Bob,Mack and i would jam every wednesday and thursday from 2:00pm until about 7:30 since march and today i'm finally getting my playing chops back,still have to get my vocals chops back which i will.I've done four radio interviews and a couple of small engagements and i'm beginning to feel great,i'm doing big music promotion in a couple weeks from the middle of october to middle of november and possibly throughout the holiday season so if you're connected to the internet you'll see my promotions online on all the music,social and entertainment sites,will be promoting my jazz fusion tracks 'The Groove' , 'Azetta's Theme' and maybe more.You can find my music on iTunes,Amazon,CDBABY,Rhapsody and / www.emmettnorthjr.com / my playing style is in the 'George Benson' mode and that's because he's my mentor and i've been studying him and his style since 1974' and got pretty good at it and have toured england,italy,sweden,croatia,austria and holland performing 'George Benson' tribute shows singing and playing many of his hits.Now that i'm home some have just began to really hear me play,all i can say is i can hardly wait until they see me perform my 'George Benson' concert,i'm feeling good and say that i'm almost back,being back means practicing everyday again and performing shows regularly,i feel that i may be one of the top three guitarist in the city but i intend on being the best in the city, so here i come sincerely & musically,Emmett North Jr.

'It Was My Destiny To Play My Guitar' ''A Few More Reasons''

I couldn't get everything in my earlier blog and had to make it shorter,here are a few more reason's i showed the signs to my destiny,no.1 i made a guitar and case in my eighth grade wood shop,i bought the knobs and electronics at the store,carved and lackered my guitar and case,when i added my strings the neck it warped and broke after a few months and sounded like crap,no.2, i added wheels to my amplifier to push around before they started putting wheels on amps and i use to push my amp and carry my guitar to dunbar high school at least three or four times a month to play in my homeroom for the class and also in study hall if it was ok and the school was at least five miles from my home,no.3,i use to take my guitar and amp to my girl friend's home and play for their parents and family and some were just girl's i liked and wanted to be my girl friend,i have played my guitar for many girl friends families at their home,i have played in many garages,basements and parks and i'm so happy i stuck with it because i had heard if GOD gives you a talent,you're to use it or he may take it away,no one had to ask me to practice and learn as much as i could about my instrument and music.I was told by older guitarist and other musicians to learn as much as i could about other styles of music and to acquire as much as i could,so that's what i did,that's why i can play a variety of styles like jazz,blues,r&b,soul,pop,reggae,country,latin,gospel, funk and folk,it made a well rounded guitarist and i'm happy i heeded their advice,i love playing it all but my favorites are jazz,r&b,pop and latin.I played bass guitar on one of my songs called 'Keep Holding On' ,i did because the bass player didn't have the right feel the way i wrote it and played it,i had forgotten i played the bass until i listened and remembered that that's me on bass,i thought i would mention it,i'm not a bass player but can play some.This blog is an extension of the previous blog,i use to take my new guitar to bed with me every night when i slept in my parents basement years ago and would wake up strumming it before breakfast and afterwards.When i started out playing as a kid i was playing for the girls and the girls attention,now i play for the money and honor of my achievements of appearing on radio,tv and performing around the world,i think i've made almost a million dollars in my lifetime and a million in the knowledge,music and my guitar have saved me,it's my life and an extention of who i am, Emmett North Jr. aka Emilio Norte'.

'I Think It Was My Destiny To Play My Guitar'

I think i was destined to play guitar and write music,it's been my life's story,i know that it was my destiny and i knew it it my bones and felt it in my soul,i got hooked after seeing artist like Little Richard,Chuck Berry,James Brown and Frankie Avalon,,i listened to there song melodies and started writing my own lyrics, my mothers brothers and sisters played instruments and sang at church,my uncles played sax,trumpet,trombone,my aunts sang played piano,between eleven and twelve we moved to dayton,ohio and i was exposed to more music gospel,r&b,pop,jazz and rock&roll,i started dancing and singing in talent shows,i started learning more about the guitar,soon after i started playing for gospel groups and was occasionally hired by preacher's to play at their churches on sunday and they would take a collection for the guitar player,i would sometimes get seven or eight dollars,i played guitar for a popular local blues artist named Piney Brown which i owe a lot to my beginning in clubs at 13,i had my own band before i went into the army called the 'Ohio Twisters',i performed in the miltary playing in germany with a band on post and with a german band off post,touring a couple weeks with the USO entertaining the troops,touring two weeks with my german band,after returning home about19 i started playing guitar with 'Big Jay Bush & the HouseRockers' which sang and played guitar,i want to thank him for helping me along performing and touring with him for a couple years,my father use to see me coming in from gigs late at night and ask me,how much did you make,i'd say $25.00 and he saw that that's where my heart was and would tell me for a few years,why don't you go out to california and make some real money doing music and that i had aunts and cousins out there to help me get settled in,at the time it didn't dawn on me to move so far away until musicians started telling me how good they thought i was and i eventually decided to take that chance in 1975' and went out to california,i want to thank my father Emmett North Sr. for planting the seed to move to cali,i was hired by Barry White about two months after moving there,i was to audition for Bobby Womack but his PR man told me about the Barry White gig and said they were also looking for guitarist and that's what happened,i saw Bobby Womack many times and talked but never got to work together,i've been on local tv in dayton and radio,i've been on national tv many times here and london and now all over the world,i have toured north,central,south america and europe with Barry White and toured and performed in and around london and parts of europe as a solo jazz/r&b artist with thousands of fans so you see playing my guitar,performing and writing songs is me and i want to thank everyone from my father and mother who supported me,they heard me play with ;Little Dot' in dayton and travelled out of town to a few of my gospel gigs,first thank you 'GOD',thank you Piney Brown,Big Jay Bush,Barry White,Wolfman Jack,Isaac Hayes,Clem Curtis & the Foundations,Chosen Few,Atlantic Soul Machine,Freddy Couseart,Pete Lamont,Tony Williams,Peter Richards and all of my friends in london,sweden,italy,croatia and the rest of europe thank you,i was put here to play my guitar and play music,i was surprised but felt so good when after visiting home after joining Barry White i saw that my mother and father had joined 'The Barry White Fan Club' with their T-shirts & fan booklets,my father passed four years later but another thing brought me more happiness and pride when i could afford to take my mother to london &; paris and meet many of my friends,enjoy her first flight out of the country and see parts of the world i had seen,thank you all so much sincerely & musically,guitarist Emmett North Jr.

Short & Sweet/ Cold & Bold,I'm Coming Back***

My last blog was of my dark depression of being back home from palm springs/LA to dayton,ohio,trying to stay under the radar at home has become a challenge after fellow musicians got the word i was back home my phone started, i've been jamming for the past five weeks with some friends whom has helped relieve some of the stress and depression for which i thought i would probably never play my guitar again,the thought was scary but i hadn't toured in years,very few well paying gigs to no gigs was pretty depressing but now that i've been back i've done an internet interview with a female host on 'Spreaker Radio', two more internet stations adding my music, a possible recording deal with a label from texas 'Sam Watkins Country' which consist of radio station,record label & promotional staff,i've just signed my paperwork for four months promotion on all or most social media and music sites,i was doing some recording at my friends studio on some of his music,i'm beginning to get my playing chops back after little practice since 2006' but i can see and feel my chops coming back,what a great feeling to play,record and perform again,i guest you might say,i'm not dead yet! Long as i have my guitar,my computer,smart phone,some good herb and my cup of british tea i'll make it with the grace of 'GOD', many family and friends still don't know i'm back home but it won't be long,the Cold & Bold is that i'm in my mother's basement where there's no heat,i'm on my computer sometimes for hours in the cold but it's about me and my music so what's the cold? My tea and fingers are cold so ciao 4 now musically speaking,Emmett North Jr.

Now That I'm Home,It's Been Miserable***

Dayton,ohio is a good place to be from musically speaking but not a good place to be! I arrived in dayton from palm springs in latter jan. 2016' and the weather has been sunny & bright but mostly dark,dead,cold and rainy = miserable,i'm here to look after my family's home since my moms passing and i'm not sure how long i can take this so depressing when it was once so happening , vibrant and a place to be and hang out with lots of bands,lots of clubs and interesting people,i'm not too sorry i'm home but it's been such a shock to my system trying to get use to being here after gone so many years,there's still lots of family and friends who don't know i'm home and for now that's cool with me,ciao for now,Emmett North Jr.

I Also Wanted To Become A Boxer/Fighter*

I mentioned when i was a kid in my bio that i use to watch 'American Bandstand' on tv with my uncle and saw people like Chuck Berry,Little Richard,Fabian,James Brown,Frankie Avalon and others and saw how the girls were responding to the singers, my interest in music started from 5th grade on until to date but there were other times i would lay on the floor and watch boxing with my uncles and learning about the fighters like Joe Louis,Ezzard Charles,Dempsey,Sugar Ray Robinson and others my interest for boxing grew so at 16 i tried out for the 'Golden Gloves' after a week or two after getting hit in the nose i decided i would rather watch instead of participating and focused on my music career,i still love watching the big fights and use to have some great fight parties at my apartment in hollywood at 7616 hollywood bl.#303 / the 1990's was a blast,those were the days & times i'll always remember and never forget***

Making My Guitar Sing***

I've heard and have been told over the years by older seasoned players that some guitarist making their guitars sing and others just play well,they say that usually in the terms when speaking of jazz or blues guitarist,there are many many guitarist but not everyone makes their guitar sing,at first i didn't understand in just playing well but not making it sing which is somewhat different,well i've finally been told the same from other musicians and regular fans here on reverbnation and a few other music sites,i guess it's a pleasure to hear people praising your talents,it was pleasing to hear 'Man, you make that guitar sing',thanks you everyone who feel me ,when i'm performing i feel it so you feel it,that's the way it is when 'Making Your Guitar Sing',people think of George Benson,Wes Montgomery,BB.King,Johnny 'Guitar' Watson',Albert King',Albert Collins,Pat Methey, Freddy King and Jimi Hendrix,they all make and made their guitars sing,they are the ones i focused on and there are more who make their instruments sing***

I'm Working Many Nights,While Many People Sleep!

I'm working many nights into the wee hours while many people sleep,making love or watching late night tv,being a seasoned musician and use to being up late at night,i've been like this since i started playing guitar in clubs and church,in LA and London i spent many hours up late after gigs or in the studio many times i would come home and stay up until dawn,same thing writing songs and now days up late online marketing myself and my music and listening to others,i guess i'm just a night person,i use to come in from gigs when i was 17,18 and 19 and stay up watching horror film with my father and eating cheese burgers & fries or fried chicken anyway those were the good old days,i've been up on the computer until 4:30am but not too often,i need my sleep and i need to get sleep before the sun comes and before it gets too late here i'm saying ciao,Emilio Norte*

My Six Months With Isaac Hayes In Atlanta, 1980'

After leaving the 'Wolfman Jack Show' behind i recieved my tickets to fly to atlanta to work with Isaac Hayes,i worked with him at Master Sound Recording Studio where he recorded in 1980,he was producing an album for singer 'Linda Clifford' called 'I'm Yours',i had lots of fun with the band because i had met a few band members years before,another of my homies William 'Boots' Vaughan' played guitar with him years earlier,during my time in atlanta i did a few gigs with the band only,one was at a big club and another was at a big hotel suite that was hosting a record label,we the band backed a vocal group called 'Oddessy' who had a few hits in the late seventies,i really enjoyed that gig,i also have family in atlanta which made my stay even better ciao 4 now,Emilio Norte'