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2015 Tour

Teetah Talks Tour 2015 kicks off in March! Woot Woot!

Teetah Talks

Teetah Talks coming soon ... Dr. Dreing it, push it back son .... holla to all my family and fans

New Album

New Album dropping May 24, 2014 .. Meeks Speeks dropped May 24, 2012 ya dig

Sorry For the Neglection

Sorry to all my fans for neglecting your here in the last few months. Times have been strenuous but Six Deep is putting together a tour album and will be on the road soon. Hope to see you in your hometown.

Summer Album

New album coming Summer 2014 ... Teetah Talk is on its way son .....


Someone hacked my account, deleted a lot of contacts and sent horrible messages to many ... I apologize for this punk ass or punk asses, I am close to finding out the culprit and they will be dealt with accordingly ... Thank you all for your continued support! Six Deep Baby!


You can download the album on iTunes now with this link https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/meeks-speeks/id531982204


Just got the New MeeksPC Renaissance lol and have been banging out some hot beats for days now. 2013 is looking up. I hope you enjoy Six Deep Records Music for years to come!


2013 will be full of dope club singles!