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Update for everyone!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know the video should be coming soon for Silence Volume!!!! We wrapped up shooting with DMF FILMS last week and now it is being edited. Also don't forget about our show on December 5th at the Starland Ballroom in Sayerville New Jersey. We will be performing live with George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. Message us for tickets there $22.00 hope to see you there come out and support live original music.

Thanks everyone for all of your support!!!!!


Shooting Video for Silence Volume

Today we started shooting the Video for Silence Volume!!! Great shoot can't wait for the next location everything coming together for the video got to see some of the takes and this video is gonna be great!!! Thanks DMF Films!!!!


Music Update!!!

We got a whole bunch of new music getting ready to drop in the New Year hope you guys ready for this!!!! Thank you everyone for your continued support!!!! Tiff

limey59  (over 3 years ago)

Hope you take a serious look at bandcamp.com
My fave place for buying music, with the best return to the Artist.
Just my humble opinion.

New album Garbage Night finishing up!!!!

Hope you ready for the new album coming soon we in the final stages of production for the new Album Garbage Night. We have a couple more tracks to lay down then we start the mixing and mastering process!!! Thank you everyone for your support and I promise this album is nothing but fire!!!! I will keep you posted on release date!!! Stay tuned.

New Mix Tape Coming

We are presently working on a new mix tape with various artists and producers hope you ready for this!!!!

New Album Release Karma Pill

Wanted to let everyone know the new album Karma Pill is out!!!


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