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A Work In Progress

I’m spending big chunks of time, here and there, in the studio, working on a new song for my royal subjects. Besides a kickin’ live show, this is my favorite thing in the world to do. Watching a song grow from it’s inception, through revisions, and then tracking, and then adding all of the additional parts, go through the final mix-down process, the mastering, and finally that first moment I get to play the finished product in the solidarity of my car is a wondrous process to behold. There’s a huge faith factor involved. There are moments in the process where it’s easy to get discouraged with the way the current project sounds. Some parts have come together, others haven’t, and the way things are headed, your ears tell you there may be a problem. The issue with judging a song like this in it’s half-baked state, is that there are still elements to come which will balance the project to near perfection and in ways that you can’t understand until you’ve heard them. It reminds me of how we, as humans, are always growing, always evolving. It’s unfair for us to judge ourselves before the entire plan or the big picture has been revealed. Some parts of us still haven’t come together and we, like a song in the studio, are all just a work in progress. Get excited! Because this song, is gonna blow your socks off.

Mrs. Needed - Open Audtions

I've become an extremely self sufficient guy. I haven't lived with my mommy for 5 years now. And when the daily tasks happen to call on me to cook or do laundry, I step up to the plate. I may not be happy about it, but I answer the call. I mean, how hard can it be to wash the sheets? So, imagine my surprise today when I melted my comforter. That's right - MELTED it. Suffice it to say that something on the list of horrible things I've done to try and clean that thing got it so angry with me that it actually decided it'd rather just not exist altogether than endure my abuse. And now, I've said the word "melted" in my head enough times that I actually don't know why it means what it means anymore. Because Webster says, I guess. Regardless, consider this my eye-opening experience and moment of enlightenment. I'm in desperate need of having a woman around. So, I'm announcing open auditions to anyone wanting to guide me through my domestic hazards. If you're interested in being my Mrs, just let me know. (Serious applicants only, please)

11 : 32 PM -- Friday, February 1, 2013 Musical Disney Movies - It's Time.

What ever happened to musical Disney Movies? I'm not afraid to admit that Hercules' "I Can Go The Distance" is one of my power songs, when I daydream, I see myself as Aladdin, Simba was my childhood bro, and Phil Collins totally owned the Tarzan soundtrack. I'm quite proud of all of that. My only question is: "Why did that glorious trend end?" Maybe I'm destined to walk this lonely road, music-less, in those - whadaya call'em?