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Its a new day PT2

As to my new material; its been fantastic to be able to write again. I really shouldnt say to be able to write again, I was always able, however, its nice to be able to write well again and up to my own standards, which admittedly may be a little higher than most. Not only am I writing at a furiously dangerous pace, Im writing dangerously furious. Theres been a completely different side of me coming out lately. A very raw me again like when I first started rapping. No regard for anybody or theyre feelings. Its almost like the lines were starting to get blurred and Id forgotten what started it all. That spark. That anger and angst. The hatred I felt. The years of pain and torture I endured. All of it back in a ball.....And I just keep tossing it.......And tossing it......And tossing it......

Needless to say certain people are in for a rude awakening. Theres people who are gonna see a whole other side of me that I wanted to not show. One person in particular is gonna feel the burn worse than they ever thought imaginable. Ill spare them their name for now, but be warned its gonna get ugly. You know what they say, if you cant take the heat get out of the kitchen, and Im about to crank it up a couple notches, coz lets face it, I live in the kitchen. With all that being said, while Ive attacked people on tracks lately, Im not currently angry. I feel like I was, but Im not anymore. Ive set the past to flames. Im just now finally being able to word it properly to express through music everything Ive been feeling. This really is a scary and completely new breed of N!ck Freddy. However volatile I may have been in the past is about to look normal by the time Im through with this place. Thats not to say Im volatile currently, but that could change in an instance notice if I decide I want to go off the deep end again. Like I said, I dont think I realized just how far out Id be going......Ill leave you with that.

N!ck Freddy

Its a new day PT1

So here we are. Almost exactly a year after what I believe to be my first and only blog post to date. I dont know if the time wasnt right or what but I think Im about to set this off now.

Its really been an up and down year. Lots of highs, and ALOT of lows. Ive lost some really close friends and family over the course of it all, and am just now finally able to start letting go of things musically. Not that I couldnt write before, but there was a bit of a block for a while there. None of the beats I had were making sense to me which made it difficult to write. Not having a studio to record at didnt help either. Ive finally found one here in Whistler. Oh did I mention? Yeah I moved to Whistler. I straight up packed up my things and said "Fuck you Lethbridge, Im out." If only I knew how far out Id be going.......

Theres alot of cool things and people here in Whistler musically, and Im just starting to get my feet wet. As the studio Ive found has been in the process of moving I havent really been able to do much as of yet. Thats ALL about to change. Im one day in this shit again and am feeling alive for the first time in a minute. Before going to the studio today I was the most excited I think Ive ever been in my life. Even last year in Montreal before going on stage at the Bell Center in front of 20,000 screaming fans I wasnt that excited. The first thing that seems to be in the works is they want to bring back hip hop nights on Tuesdays (this isnt your run of the mill recording studio. Its much more than just that.). This is exciting because after talking to the owner today, he was thinking about starting it off with a N!ck Freddy night at the end of March to get my name out there and to introduce myself to the different artists here in town. What makes this news REALLY exciting is the possibility of playing with a live band. Thats something Ive always wanted to do as a rapper. As of right now, its getting dubbed an album re-release party, but its really more of a "This is me, Im here" kinda thing. Thats slated for the end of March.

Then theres this whole recording time thing. While nothing has been set in stone yet as far as time/date, Ill be going to the studio again regularly very shortly. That was something we agreed upon today. I get a specific time slot week in and week out, and it wont ever change. Now whether that be Mondays from 1000-1400 or Thursdays at 1800 til whenever, I dont know yet, but it WILL be constant. That means every week Ill be working on new stuff. Whether thats mixing, tracking out, laying vox, or whatever, something productive will happen every week. Weve also decided to start a weekly webisode of sorts chronicling what were doing, but that may not be solely focused on me.

To Be Continued

What up

Im about to throw myself into this like never before. Its crazy how much everything in the music industry has changed, even in the past 5-10 years. Everythings different. Image, now more than anything decides whether an artist is good. Its not about the music anymore.....And that sucks