Fan Imput

Now that we have over 200 fans we would like your opinions.... What do you like the lyrics to songs to discuss? Government agendas? Personal experience? Or does it matter as long as the music is good? Most of our lyrics so far cover both but we would like your input because it's you the fans that get to relate to the topic at hand. I, myself, have a tendency to write dark lyrics due to my own personal battles and so forth. But I know not everybody wants to listen to depressive lyrics or lyrics discussing government topics. So your input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

First demo

Recorded our first demo over the weekend. It was a blast figuring the in and outs of doing it. I'm definitely no sound engineer but its nice to have stepped up into the digital world with our recording instead of having to hit rewind on the tape deck all the time... Hope you enjoy the music and give us some quality feedback if you could! BM

Getting Going

Hoping to have first song recorded this weekend. Looking forward to it!