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Watch our NEW video :) HERE

New Song: AS USUAL

Hi :) We've published a new song in 2 versions: English and French. It's called: AS USUAL. Details are written into the Lyrics :) Waiting for you ;)

Sound In Chaos
Sound In Chaos  (almost 4 years ago)

Wow!!! Great tune guys. "As Usual" has such a wonderful haunting vibe. Keep them coming!


Finally publiushed :) It took a while but we did :) STRIPTEASE is our new song. We hope you enjoy :)

New song on production :)

Dear friends, stay on tune a new song is on the road to be published :)

17 PAGES sent to FB

17 pages of documentation sent to FB at Palo Alto CA, to demonstrate we are persons :D Is that normal now-a-days? Sometimes it's necessary to think: what "normality" is? :)

I really think that more than send tthe docs to "Palo Alto" (in italian it means: Tall Pale) it should be sent to "Palo in Culo" (always in italian: Pale into the ass). Perhaps it is the only one way for FB management to understand they are exagerating. What do you think? Did you have similar experiences?

APP for your Phone

Dear all :) we are happy to have received the news that announces: the App for Android is ready: http://www.reverbnation.com/sarahntormy/app We're waiting for the app for iPhone ;)

URGENT Message

Dear Fans

Unfortunately Facebook has suspended our Account because they suspect we are not physical person due our name. We are sending all the legal documentation to Facebook in order to demonstrate them we are not only Physical Persons, but we are joined in a Contract that legally defines our i-Group. Our pseudonyms and group name is even registered to SABAM in Belgium We both hope our account will be back soon. However our page still active.

valerie cicco
valerie cicco  (over 4 years ago)

not cool ! but.... who's righting your blog, a machine ? ahahah.... I'm sorry for you ! may be another acount to build : "the Sarah and Tormy Fan Club" ?
don't give up !!!


Monday 18 Feb 2013 at 23h00 C.E.T. our song YEAR AFTER YEAR was on Radio RCS http://www.rcs939.it/ GRAZIE :) THANK YOU :) To all the listeners and of coruse to the Staff of RADIO RCS in Milan :)

New Song "FÈLINE"

Sunday 17 Feb 2013 we launched our new song FÈLINE :) Please check it :)

We on Radio!

We're happy because yesterday 03 Feb 2013 our song Time To Fade was broadcast by "Radio Happy" in Germany :)

Histoire Mantaille
Histoire Mantaille  (over 4 years ago)

Yessssss ! good....