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Dead of Winter Tour: Day 9

Whoooooaaaahhh!!! Howdy Cow Pokes! We are on day nine of tour! Let’s see, where were we…..oh yeah! Last time I wrote we were on our way to Lompoc to play DJ’s Saloon! DJ’s was a success and the burritos from the joint next door were some of the best I’ve ever had. Our good friend Frank let us crash at his pad and he even cooked us a huge breakfast the next morning! Thanks Frankie! (p.s. Frankie is a siiiiick artist. Click the link and check him out: Van Tsa Kkidz). Before we left Frankies he was generous enough to snap a few great pics of us in front of an awesome vintage beat-up hurse (posted below). Then we spent a long day driving to Ronnie and Philthy’s parent’s house in Rancho Cucamonga to stay for the night. The next day we left early to record and shoot part of a music video at our pal Ernie’s in Long Beach. We all put in a solid twelve hour day and then headed to Di Piazza’s to rock out for our fourth show of tour. We had a good handful of friends and family drive out to see us! Footage of that show was shot by Danny McCarty @ Rockin’ Red Carpet and will be used in the music video as well! The next day we headed even further south to Winterhaven, CA, just outside of Yuma. We were set to play a grueling four hour set at Quechan Casino, but before that happened we headed to the Channel 13 KSWK news station in Yuma for a live performance on the daily news! Check it out HERE. Quechan Casino was great and we hit the Pint House for a few dank beers and then rolled back to TJ’s parents house to catch a wink before the most epic part of the tour yet……..Vegas! It was Oscar’s first time in “Sin City” and after our short thirty five minute set we set off for the strip to see what kind of shennanigans we could get in to. We charged our way through the surprisingly unpopulated sidewalk and almost immediately met an older man named James who worked as a concierge for a gentlemens club. We hit it off and James took us to some cool spots that we never would have known of had we been on our own, including a tiny bar tucked away where we got a beer and a brat for a measly $3. Thanks for the good times James! 4am quickly rolled around and we tucked ourselves in at the Las Vegas Hotel. After Vegas, we had a good long drive to beautiful Flagstaff, AZ where we jammed out at Mia’s Lounge for a super stoked crowd! We were all exhausted from the night before but we put on our war paint and raaaaaged! Our good friend Mike Porter made a huge drive to surprise us and he generously bought beers for the whole crew all night long. Cheers brother! Also want to give a shout out to our Pal Holden Knapp for putting us up for the night, thanks man! The next morning and five hours drive later we are back in Yuma and stoked to play at The Kress Ultra Lounge on Main Street. Thanks to TJ’s friends and family we had a good attentive audience to play to. Late night left over chicken tacos were consumed after the show and one by one we snuck off to our slumbering quarters for some much needed REM sleep. The next morning Tooj’s pops made us pancakes and we shot the shit which leads us to now!!!!!!! WHEW! That was a lot of summarizing! So that’s the gist of it folks! Stay tuned for all things Rashy! Cheers, Buckle Rash

Dead of Winter Tour: Day 3

Howdy Rashers!

It is day three of tour. As I type this we are stuck in heavy traffic on the I-5 roughly two hundred miles from our third stop in Lompoc, CA. Our first two shows were considerably great and morale is high. Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor in Reno had a decent turn out and enthusiasm from our fellow listeners was very positive! One memorable moment from that night was during our grittiest punk song, “Bella”, mid pause, as Clay was just about to go into a screaming solo, he went for a Ralph Macchio high kick and landed right on a beer glass, shattering it right on the beat! The crowd went nuts and we all stared at each other with shitty grins at what had just happened.

The next day we rolled into Lake Tahoe to play Brother’s Bar and Grill. We came over the mountain and were immediately assaulted by heavy sleet and snow. Despite the weather we made it there safe and played a fun three hour set while a group of seven or so individuals, that were under the influence of certain illicit drugs of which I shall not name, rashed their beautiful little hearts out with us in that tiny room. Those same individuals were kind enough to provide us with lodgings in their epic two story cabin right next to the lake. Thank you guys!

Today we woke from our slumber and hit the road again at 8AM. We were obliged to drop an extra sixty dollars on chains just so we could make it over the mountain pass and we gracefully conquered that massive chunk of rock and earth only to descend into more shitty weather, which brings us to now! Lompoc, here we come!!

Stay tuned! Buckle Rash www.bucklerashband.com

Buckle Rash Tour Commences This Thursday

Howdy Rashers of America and beyond! The time has come… Months of careful planning and building excitement have lead us to the zero hour. We are upping our game and taking off on Thursday for our two and a half week tour through three beautiful Southwestern states. With suitcases packed, snake-skin boots polished and broken in, and Oscar’s triple bleached 100% white cotton wardrobe, we are ready to meet the harsh conditions of road life with open arms. We feel we have made great strides in the past nine months and this is undoubtedly the next step in the journey. We begin in “The Biggest Little City in the World”, (also known as Reno, Nevada!) at Jub Jub’s on February 6th. Then it’s a quick shot all through Southern California, into “Sin City” Las Vegas, three spots in Tooj and Clay’s home state of Arizona, and back up California to Sacramento and Davis. Finally, ending it with a somewhat local show at JD’s Sports Bar and Grill in Grants Pass, Oregon! If you or anyone you know lives near the bars and venues we will be occupying, then PLEASE tell your friends and come get RASHY with us!

Sincerely and with love, Buckle Rash

Hola Rashitos and Rashitas

Hola Rashitos and Rashitas Idaho was a hit! Thanks to all who came out and got down with us at Whiskey Jacques and The Reef! Pizza Shmizza was a more than generous host and we were all a little goofy that night after spending so much time in the van but I think overall everyone enjoyed the tom foolery! Next up, we’re staying local at The Lounge South in downtown Ashland!!! Jan.30th come shake it up with your favorite Cowboy Punk band!! Opening for us will be our good friends and equally rashy local boys, 'The John Doe Duo'!

Stay classy San Diego! -Buckle Rash


Holy hell that was an amazing four days! Thank you Bend, Portland, Salem, and Springfield for showing Buckle Rash such a good time! To all the friends that let us crash on their floors, couches, and beds. To all the wonderful venue owners and staff that made sure we were well taken care of……. And most importantly to all you who came out to support us and show your love!!! We owe it to you. What’s next for the Rash you ask? Headed to Ketchum and Boise, ID this Thursday and Friday and we are cruising in luxury in our brand new(used) touring van! STOKED. Whiskey Jacques and The Reef will be hosting us and we will be giving them a high dose of Buckle Rash, so if you know anyone in or around the area, grab em’ and let’s all do-si-do in the great “Gem State”. YEEEE HAAAAWWW!!!! (side note: Idaho’s nickname is the “Gem State”, because nearly every known type of gemstone has been found there.) Much Love, Buckle Rash

SO MUCH NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OKAY! So a lot has happened since the last post. We are currently on a mini-tour running through Bend, Portland, Salem, and Springfield OR. I am typing this right now (pre-show) from Duffy’s Hangar in Salem, OR. Just polished off two delicious slices of pizza and my first beer of the day (Lagunitas IPA). Picture this: Oscar’s ugly mug is right across from me as he too is pounding away at the keys of his Mac Book Pro; diligently delivering his daily duties for the Rash while the sounds of pool balls clack against each other in my left ear. Tooj and Ronnie battle for rule of the table, as Lund, off in the shadows, is doing his best to complete school work while also on the road. We learned early this morning our song “Missouri Cashed” finished at #1 for the Low’ O Rogue Radio competition for song of the year. As a result “Missouri Cashed” will be put on regular rotation starting Monday! As I said before a lot of new songs are being worked out and very soon we will be recording our next full length album. Finally, the most recent development……………Today we bought a new tour van! Included with the van was a t.v. and VHS player. Inside the VHS player was a copy of the 1993 box office hit, “Demolition Man,” starring Wesley Snipes and Sly Stallone! This discovery occurred less than an hour before we walked into Duffy’s Hangar and lo and behold, in the corner of the game room, glowing with the sweet hues of 80/90s entertainment, is a g*d damn “Demolition Man” pinball machine. Is it fate? We think so. So that’s the latest, folks!! Stay tuned for all things Buckle Rash!

"Missouri Cashed" Nominated for Song of the Year!!

Howdy cow pokes! We are gearing up for a handful of shows this January. Our next couple of outings are The Laughing Clam in Grants Pass, OR this Friday (1/10) and then Howies in Medford, OR Saturday (1/11). There has been a lot of new writing going on and we are preparing to record again very soon, some even while on our “Dead of Winter Tour” in February! We would just like to take the time to thank all of you who support our music and local music in general as we are pleased to announce that our song “Missouri Cashed” has been nominated for song of the year on 969 The Rogue Radio! You can click this link and vote for us if you really want to show your love! 969therogue Much Love!!

CONRADSON E.P. - Available NOW!!!

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Thanks for all the support!!! 3

CONRADSON - New Debut E.P. Scheduled For November, 1st 2013!!!


The recording process is finished! Mixing and mastering are finished! We have recieved the art work for the album and are in the process of laying it out and putting it all together!! We also need to decide on the order of the tracks. Just the finishing touches now...BOOYA!!!!

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Lots of exciting news coming your way!! Tour dates, merch and much more!!! Stay tuned and stay RASHY!!


Buckle Rash moves on!!!

Big thanks to all who came out this past Wednesday to Southern Oregon Last Band Standing!!! The boys moved onto the final round which means they are one step closer to winning $5000!!! We couldn't have done it without all of you!!! Stayed tuned for details on the final round!!!!