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Malics' Tree / Blog

Appeal 2

Secondly their was no mention of a previous inter-departmental Government Conspirarcy done by the U.S.A Government involing and including Mental Hospitals KNown As Project "MK-ULTRA". Sometimes Referred to the C.I.A's Mind Control Program EXperimenting in the Behaviour Engineering of Hunmans. Furthermore I Refer to sub-project 119 which is the electronic control of Humans RELATED to The Recording, Anaysis And Interpreatation of BIO-ELECTRIC ORGANISMS and ACTIVATIVATION of HUMAN Behaviour BY REMOTE MEANS!!! THIRDLY I REFER To postion of parties paragraph 10. Judge clift Clearly Did Not Demonstrate a"Fair summoning up" according to the evidence presented by omiting major Portions of my own Defense. She mentioned that "i wanted to sterilise the whole female population of the world". This i would argue is a deliberate mis-quote where i was proposing a sterilastion program for some sectors of the female population to reduce future population growth as this would solve the Energy,Enviromental and Food Crisis in the 21st centuary. I would argue there is a Rational behind my argument (only based on consent of course) That would clearly help mankind for foreceable generations and is not a statemtment from a man that is deleuded. I mantain I am in Good Mental Health and make a counter accusations on 2 major Points. Firstly I have beeb put into a HUMAN EXPERIMENTAL PROGRAM similar to the MK-ULTRA PROGRAM done in the 1970's and have been Continoually under Surveillance at Least Since my First Admittence To Hospital in March 2005. Secondly the intlelligent agency which has me under surveillance now consider me a Security Risk Because of my Radical Veiws to Solve The Problems The World Face in the 21st Centuary and the "speech" can Hear which other people cannot is from a sophischated Tele-communcations system by a Third Party and is not I Repeat Not a Symptom of PARANOID SCHZHIPREINA. Whereas i am on the verge of becoming world Famous with my ROCKNROLL GROUP "MALICS TREE". PLEASE REFER TO GOOGLE "MALICS TREE" AS A LIST oF DIGITAL PLATFORMS MY MUSIC IS CURRENTLY ON. I A ARGUE THE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY IS DOING EVERYTHING IT CAN TO STOP ME BECOMING WORLD FAMOUS BY "PRETENDING" AND "FALSELY CLAIMING" I AM MENTALLY ILL BY DETAINING ME IN A PICU MENTAL HOSPITAL WARD. I REFER TO 2 WEBSITES F.F.C.H.S. & I.A.A.C.E.A WHO CLAIM SIMILAR PROGRAMS LIKE MK-ULTRA CONTIONOUE TO BE DONE AT THE PRESENT TIME IN U.S.A. & WESTERN EUROPE. I ARGUE I SHOULD BE RELEASED IMMEDIEATELY FROM THIS SECTION AND BE FREE TO GO.. IF THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE I RECOMMEND THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE SHOULD LIASE WITH THE HOME OFFICE TO PROVE IF I AM UNDER SURVEILLANCE OR NOT, AND IF I AM UNDER SURVELLIANCE THIS WOULD PROVE MY VERSION OF EVENTS AND I SHOULD BE FREE TO GO. IF THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE I ARGUE I AM ENTITILED TO A JUDICIAL REVEIW ACCORDING TO THE EVIDENCE PRESENSTED. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ENTER INTO ANY CORRESPONDENCE RFERING MY APPEAL AND IF MY SECTION STILL TO BE CONSIDERED "SAFE" PLEASE WRITE TO ME GIVEN ME A FULL SET OF REASONS WHY YOU CONSIDERED MY SECTION SAFE FOR POSSIBLE LEGAL ACTION DONE BY MYSELF MR TERRY BRIAN GARDNER yours sincerly Terry Gardner

Appeal entry 1

case number mp/2014/22931 MR Terry Gardner berfore judge clift/DR.K Val/G.A. Mann (specialst lay menber. I Terry Gardner Formally Appeal To The First Tier Tribunal to Release myself From SEction 3 of tne mental Health Act 1983 because of procudual Rule 4(d)..."THere has beensome other Procudure irrgulatory in the preceedings. The procdure irragulatory is the judge did not Objectively and Factualy Gave my Defence A Fair summoning up where the reveiws are full of ommisssions and distoritations of the evidence Presented that it does not fall into the realms of "Fair Comment" Firstly in her summoning up Frances Clift (JUDGE) Failed to RE-Clarify A Previous point as said in a previous Tribunal. In Document MP/2014/16963 it States "Mr Gardner Explained that he hears voices in his head that others cannot hear because of a "PARABOLIC ANTENNA" Known as "BOOKHAM PATENT" 4877027 has been inserted into hes head and not because he is mentally ill. I argue that this a deliberiate mis-Quote and distoritation of the Facts when Chanllanged when i made it clear to Judge Clift that actually it is a Micro-wave hearing system which transmit verball speech bypassing the hearing organs directly into a person head called and i quote BRUNKAN PATENT N0:4877027 as listed on Google Patents and the U.S.A PATENT OFFICE. No mention of this correction done at the tribunal was even made in her summoning up.



Malics' Tree

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