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I am Evolving as a man in this Ruthless yet Amazing world. Self Honor and Self Respect ." The two most deeply important things in life that most people never really have or know of in their lives. I have lots of respect and I have done many honorable things yet I feel that my life has a much bigger purpose. Even though I have it. Life isn't just about money. I have yet been able to find a compatible- real- women to take home to Mama. When i say "real women" that's exactly what i mean. It's mostly my fault though because for a time I was very shallow at heart for many reasons. For one, I was always afraid to open myself to anyone in fear that one day that loved one would be taken away by God and I would have to attend yet another funeral. I have attended 16 funerals in the last 11 years. As of now I can say that it is very hard to go on but i am still here so on ward I go. I have learned many things about myself within the last few years. I am a loyal and thoughtful person. A good Son, Grandson, brother, Cousin, Friend, and business partner. Hard working man with an appetite for success. Don't let the beautiful face fool you. I'm as real as it gets. And to the women i have yet to find that God has put here on earth that will one day become my wife know this. This man is every man in one. With God I fulfill your love, your lust, your Passion, your needs and all your wants. There is no gray area with me. Only Black & White. No one would even think of double crossing you out of respect for me. I am Evolving as a man in this Ruthless yet Amazing world.