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girlierox hosts radio show

Girlierox will be hosting the GIRLESHOCK RADIO SHOW on reputation label Thursday 3rd June 2010 9PM GMT. UK's # 1 internet radio station.

Do not be fooled by the show title, its NOT my show I will be working with Karen, Caz, and Mizzy the reputation crew.

I will be interviewing Chuck from Spaceship days..

Lot of exciting things will be happening on this shpw so tune in 3rd June 9pm GMT http://www.reputationlabel.com

rock the floor

rock the floor reaches semi-final status in International Songwriting Competition!!!!!!

Not Technical...

ok, so im not technical and i need an idiots guide most of the time but i do eventually get there....having a rather frustrating day trying to work out things here.... Girlierox

new song..."twilight before dawn"

check thi out by girlierox

girlierox  (over 8 years ago)


dance expression...

i dare you not to move your feet!!!!....


dance tune..title was inspiration from a long term music friend....she was so right in her choice....x

dance all night

hi everyone, hi have uploaded my new dance tune Dance All Night..please feel free to visit, listen and comment... girlierox

check out Get Ready and Talk with Ya Feet

Both dance beats....Get Ready and Talk with Ya Feet....hope you like them... Im So Lonely is from 1981!!!!! a blast from the past....ha