ROSEDALE's status/New Album Track order

As you may see from the new Bio, ROSEDALE is now a solo act. I have been going strong with ROSEDALE for much of 2011 and will continue to do so and release the new album as an independent artist. This does not mean I will be performing live as a solo act. Although there was one last minute opportunity that I had to take over the summer, even though it meant playing solo to a track, this is not the new angle of the project. ROSEDALE will continue to be a musical project full of surprises, hooks, and different line-ups of talented musicians. This was a decision I was forced into but am excited to pursue and see it as an inspiring challenge that only makes the project stronger. I don't know why I'm writing this like StarWars would write a yellow series of events but hopefully it doesn't drag on 3 pages like some of my past blogs.

But new artwork is in and Without any further excuses here is the album track order for my new album "Real" Due out with a tour before 2012. In the mean time, download the 3 that I released last month and sign up to the website and FB page for more info on shows and releases. Much love.

1. Rock & Roll Delirium 2. Online Venting 3. Past Times 4. So Make It 5. Creep Your Page 6. Epiphany 7. A Million Pieced So Called Disease 8. Eldorado Park 9. Fools Gold 10. Be All & End All 11. Speechless

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