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I wanna thank each & everyone of yall for supporting me & my squad and getting on this movement of mines #RCTMusic .. Make sure you spread the word and download as much free music of mines as you like.. Be sure to subscribe to BottomBoyzTv to see the latest videos at youtube.com/ladypulla662 ... I thank GOD for people like yall .. New project coming real soon with videos!! til then keep ya heads up & mind right #TUMHESTA #RCTMusic

New Music

New Music coming soon!!.. droppin another classic mixtape before my alblum RCTMusic comes out!! Keep downloading and listening to my latest mixtape Tha Take Ova Mixtape .. at datpiff.com/TUMHESTA-Tha-Take-Ova-Mixtape. check out the new videos at youtube.com/ladypulla662 .. support the movement!! #RCTMusic coming soon!!


RCTMusic coming soon!!..

New Music

What it is yo.. this ya boy checkin in letting you know whats next to come.. More videos and more music.. Mixtape by T.U.M.Hesta & Dero Mane and be on the look out for my 1st alblum "RCTM" coming soon... so make sure you go download THA TAKE OVA of datpiff.com/TUMHESTA you subscribe to the BottomBoyzTV page on youtube.com/ladypulla662

New Music

What it is yo.. this ya boy checkin in makin sure you know whats whats.. new music out by me & my BBE memeber Dero Mane at http://datpiff.com Tha Take Ova & Chest Pains... new videos are on tha way..


FEB.18 "THa TAKE OVA Mixtape" mixed by P.A.C .. Real Classic Timeless Music..#MSBottomBoyzENT.


FEB.18 " TAKEOVA Mixtape"..


Mane these last past couple dayz have been good for a young brother.. Put in work with my team has been the truth.. S/o to all my Bottom Boy members.. OAN: New videos have been released & more to come --Youtube.com/BottomBoyzTv & if you wanna listen to our full mixtapes we been putting out ova the years go to -- Datpiff.com/BillCollectaz and it should be a link there to get you to all of BBE members music.. History in the making & we gone make it!!.. #BBE4EVA #BottomBoyzENT. #MISSISSIPPI ARTISTS

New Videos

Just shot my first video last night & mane its the TRUTH!!! Thanks to my producer P.A.C on the beat..New Video from the BottomBoyz will be droppin later tonight & New track!! "BBE Everythang" ...#BBE4EVA #BottomBoyZENT

New Music

In the studio tonight birthday toma so im making new music!!.. Videos on the way & new mixtape droppin FEB18 TAKEOVA Mixtape... #BBE4EVA