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3000 +

WOOT! over 3000 people have fanned us on reverbnation.

Thanks so much!

Please hit up all of our social networks and we'll do the same for you.


I can't believe it, we've got over 2000 fans on Reverbnation, we're number 2 on the metal charts for Boston, and we're climbing up the National chart steadily. Thank you so much for all the support.


over 1000

Thanks to everyone who added us, we now have over 1000 reverbnation fans and we're number 4 on the metal charts for Boston. Thanks so much!


So we doubled our reverbnation fanbase in one week and we made the top 5!

Last night we played Ralph's with a bunch of GREAT bands.

More shows coming soon!


WOOT! We have 300 fans on reverbnation and we broke the top 10 for Boston bands!

over 200

Thanks to everyone who joined, we have over 200 fans. AWESOME!

new page, new things

Not one much for blogging, I've done it occasionally, but I'm usually too busy to keep up with it. Here's my first entry.