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Fiat Band Prix

make sure to head over to http://reverbnation.com/contests/2415/artist/3085164 and vote for us in the Fiat Band Prix! We uploaded the song "It's the "Me" Decade But I Still Love "You" [Live Practice Version]." Make sure to head over and vote before November 19 when voting ends!

Update, update, update

Hey I just wanted to say that we have officially hit over 100 fans here on Reverb! Awesome, thanks to all of you who listen and don't have blood running from your ears. Also, we have been hard at work on a demo, toying around with it and trying to get it to sound better than "Warehouse (Demo)." Not to say we are ashamed, we just wish the sound was a bit more crisp. We do record ourselves using the Garageband app (yes, on the iPhone) so it has been a learning process. We are happy to announce though, that we are currently recording our "hit" "It's The "Me" Decade, But I Still Love "You" (Racecar)." Expect to hear that soon (Hopefully before Nevada Day!). Once again I just want to express our deepest love and gratitude to anyone who listens and supports us. Thanks -Josh

Welcome Foolish Mortals!

Welcome to the Wolf Inside Me, not to be abbreviated to TWIM. We hope to bring you music you enjoy and if you dont enjoy it, we just hope to play so bad your ears bleed! Listen to our acoustic recordings we posted of "Warehouse" and "Its the Me Decade But I Still Love You."