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Thank you for the memories Lewis.

This blog entry is quite an emotional one. The bands bassist Lewis Ashton is no longer in the band after the rest of the band had a discussion about it.

"We didn't want to at all. We had a discussion and came to the conclusion that the band should start looking for a new bassist. I sent Lewis a rather long email explaining the reasons why. The reason to 'Ash's departure was that the rest of us all go to the same school and he doesn't and 80% of our rehearsals is at school so he would be way behind on the songs which isn't fair on him. The other reason was the musical differences between him & us. Lewis is a avid fan of Screamo and Heavy Metal, while we like to take the more Alternative Rock route in our music which again isn't really fair on him to be playing a style of music he isn't passionate about.

We complete and utterly respect Lewis as a person and a musician and know that he will find another band closer to home with his style of music. Lewis if you are reading this we would like to thank you for all of the rocking memories you gave us and the fantastic times we had. Rock on dude, Rock on \m/2 - Lei

The band has now turned their eye onto Scott Hicks who will now be the bassist to the band from now on. We look forward to our first band rehearsal with the new line up.

Album Plans

The Airfield are aiming to be heading into the studio around this time next year. Yes it is a long way away but we are just setting a goal for our first studio album as early as possible. Plenty of more songs to be written in that time so we better get back to work.

Thanks guys! ROCK ON!


Today 3/4 of The Airfield had their first rehearsal together. Rhythm Guitarist Harry Prior unfortunately could not make it to the rehearsal today but it was awesome none the less. There was plenty of RHCP funk thrown down but they also rehearsed (for Ash learned) their song 'See It Through' which was written by Lead Guitarist and vocalist Lei Burton-Aherne. A ton more rehearsals will be scheduled this year as the band are in the writing process of their first album hopefully released in 2014 which at this moment in time in untitled. ROCK ON GOOD PEOPLE!