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Across the Street - By: Sydney Yochim

Today was the kick starter for our crazy week of CMA Music Fest activities. We were playing our morning shift at Legends Corner downtown Nashville, and by all means it is an awesome gig! I was sipping coffee before we started and just looking out the window from the stage of Legends. As the sun shined through the glass onto the guitars I looked up and right across the street towered the Bridgestone arena. The steam rose from my coffee cup and I just let that moment set in to my soul...

How fortunate are we to be able to play in music city?! How blessed are we to have a regular gig downtown? How many others are striving and losing hope, just to get where we are? How incredible is it that we are playing no less than I could throw a stone and break the glass of the Bridgestone? (yes, I throw somewhat like a girl!) And yet it will take SO MUCH just to walk across the street.

This week I have been told so often (to my face and otherwise) that what we do as musicians is just for fun, but isn't a real job. I have to disagree! Getting on a stage means you're there at least 6 hours between set up, tear down, networking, meeting the crowd, and playing the show. You are expected not to make mistakes, have a performance that rivals all the rest on the other musicians, hold your crowd, and keep a smile on your face no matter what. It's work! Do we have a good time? Heck yeah!!! Do we have some nights where we leave with less than $30 in our pocket, worn out, stressed, non stop thinking about everything we could have done better? Sure. Every musician goes through it. Are we expecting to get to the Bridgestone without earning it? Not a chance.

I watched as the roadies set up a massive stage across the street and instead of feeling contempt for where we were and not playing with 'the big boys' I felt excited! I felt blessed to be where we are in such a short time and to have club owners, booking agents, and fans, (to name a few) that believe in what we're doing. They believe we can make it across the street one day and I plan doing just that.

I don't want to be complacent with where I'm at to the point I don't go any further. And we all should work hard to accomplish our goals and our dreams. We should be looking ahead and dreaming big! But, we should ALWAYS be happy where we are. The comparison game gets you no where fast my friends. Music is a job; it's A LOT of work. Especially in a town like Nashville.

The thought that didn't stop going through my mind this morning as we started our set was one I believe we should all hold close to our soul... NEVER forget what it took to make it across the street. . .

Stop Piddling! - By: Sydney Yochim 5.29.13

Today we have spent all of our day in the studio! It's always an exciting time that you know is going to last at least 7 hours or more. Today was no exception. We've been working on our first album lately and the closer we get to CMA FEST the harder we work to complete a couple songs to get out there to our fans!

I couldn't help but get myself all worked up with excitement when we entered the studio this morning. I knew we were taking on a lot when I got there and with every bit of excitement I jumped right in.

Things seemed to drag on at first due to my 'must get something done' pace. I started organizing drawers and sorting papers only to realize I wasn't paying attention to the music! Our producer asked me several times what I thought about a certain lick and I would realize I was so caught up in what I was piddling with I was missing the reason we were there.

It quickly brought me to the conclusion of how many times as musicians we do this. We look at our tasks as big pictures and see where our dreams can take us. We daydream about playing to 100,000+ people at a big time arena or event. We star gaze at what could be our lives one day.

As musicians you start with a song in your heart so strong that there is little to deter you from giving up. But... How many times do we get caught piddling? How many times do we get lost in the less important things so much so, that we succumb to the dull nature of those who have lost their fire, and we fall in line to "fit in"? We end up piddling and losing the heart and soul of why we started! (I am very guilty of this!)

So this is a wakeup call to my fellow dreamers; Stop Piddling! Let's awaken our souls back to the reason we started this adventure and pay attention when the music is calling! Don't get lost in something small when you have something grand in front of you :)

Just my thoughts for today! God Bless you guys and I can't wait to see what this year hold for us all...


CMA Week (Jun. 6-9) 2013

As we gear up for our first year playing CMA Fest 2013, I can't help but wonder what this step means for Sid Yochim Band. We have been blessed to come so far in such a short amount of time and we are blessed to work along side some of the most talented and kind hearted people in the business!

Getting lost in the craziness of everything going on and all that we have to prepare for can be overwhelming and stressful. But stepping back to just soak in the fact that we're getting to chase a dream we've had our entire lives. That... That is awesome.

So, as this next week is flying by and we get on that stage again with a crowd anxious to hear what we've got, we remember why we're doing this (for our fans; our listeners!), how blessed we are, and just how much fun it really is!

Thank you all for your support and hang on to your hats as we announce some exciting things we have going for CMA Fest 2013!