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Gasparilla Music Festival 2013 - "Recycled Tunes" program

I just happened to pass by Don Banks Music in Tampa, and on their signage, they posted that they are accepting unwanted or broken instruments to be recycled, .... as it turns out, Don Banks Music is participating in the "Recycled Tunes" program, as part of the Gasparilla Music Festival - a 501c-3 (pending) ... whatever the (pending) means...? So, I dropped off one of my clarinets, that I thought was unrepairable, ...I was thinking of turning it into a clarinet lamp anyway. ... so, Don Banks could strip it for parts, ... to fix other clarinets, ... However, Don, the owner said they have a repair tech who can work out a miracle fix for that broken clarinet, .... so, they asked, and I said, "...If you can fix it, then go ahead and donate it to the program!" Any program that puts instruments in the hands of young aspiring musicians, in my opinion, is worth checking out. at least once. And, if they actually do manage to fix that clarinet and give it to a kid who really wants and/or needs it, to participate in their schools band program, then great!

More on this later.....

For the inquisitive, here is the link to the GMF site, which includes a link to Don Banks Music; http://www.gasparillamusicfestival.com/#!/outreach *** Note: I'm not a paid or non paid spokes person or an endorser for Don Banks Music, I'm only passing along the info. And, yes I do business at other music stores in the Tampa Bay area as well! If anyone has something more to add about the GMF or the Recycled Tunes program? ... feel free, to add to the discussion.