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Productive Sunday

Last Sunday we had a session, again all improvised and live. It went well and we recorded everything to 16 track, so we have a total of 8 new songs to share. The sounds are literally mixed down with minimal tweeking, no overdubs and no corrections so hopefully from these new songs you can get our live in the room atmosphere. So far we have published 3: Quo Vadis, A Perfumed Garden and Third Time Lucky. We will be releasing the remaining 5 in time. Thanks, Aleatronic

Live Improvisation and Aleatronic...

As a group we have a philsophy towards our performance and music from the start. We looked at what we like (and dont like) in live music a try to make what we do reflect that. A big part of what we do is the element of chance and improvisation so no 2 performaces are alike. We looked at influences such as the early German late 60's early 70's music scene as a starting point. Our problem with a lot of live music is that its very contrived, songs are solid in construction that are played exactly the same everytime, the technology is used to keep everything like it has been recorded, setlists dont change and even the 'banter' between songs is rehersed and scripted. Memorable live shows to us are the ones where a song was played differently, or an unexpected new song was added to the mix. In short something different happened that to the audience was special and you walked away having felt something was just for you. This is what we are trying to achieve with Aleatronic. We have found in making music some of the most beautiful moments happens in rehearsal, just for the players that are in that room. We try to translate those points in time to an audience. The creation of an idea, the happy accidents, the funny sound, we want to share all of these. So although we have rough sketches of 'songs' to play most of what we do is improvised and open to change whilst in progress, this for a musician makes for an exciting if not occasionally nerve jangling experience. So we invite you to join us on our journey and see Aleatronic in the flesh as nature intended. The next show at time of this publication is in Swindon at The Post Modern on 30th March with other acts and visual art, the link is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/284000725059332

Arturia Minibrute

Aleatronic has now added the Arturia Minibrute to its list of sonic tools. Mark took delivery of this wonderful machine earlier this month.

The first thoughts are how compact and light the Minibrute is, impressive considering its analogue and has many advanced features. Great for giging!

It will be used midiclocked to either the MPC2000 or the SR16, the ARP and the LFO can be easily linked to the tempo. Also a nice feature is the ARP and LFO can be synced differently or made free, this can make for some really interesting rhythmical textures.

We will be filming the next session hopefully very soon so you will be able to see the Minibrute in action with Aleatronic! We will keep you posted.