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A Bluer Shade of Pale

The new CD is now available Blues and Bluesy tunes. 1st 100 people to message me their earth, or snail-mail address will get a free copy delivered to their door, free of charge! You have my promise not to give away, sell or share your private info in any way.

New Contest

Starting today, I'm going to send out a free CD to the Top Listener Every Week! (You'll have to send your Snail Mail Address to me first of course!) Top Listener this week is Grant Hextall. You might want to check out his page for some great music! Thanks for listening! === this offer now over, see the newest blog entry for a new, free offer!


I don't know if anyone is interested in hanging out with us Canadian songwriters... but there's an excellent opportunity to work on your writing, your music, your lyrics, and performance at SongStudio. It happens in the third week of July in Toronto, and a lot of Canadian Songwriters show up... Last year, we had a great staff, incredible guests, and the chance to perform in some premium places. If you're interested check it out at www.Songstudio.ca. I really recommend it! I grew a lot last year... The website lists pretty much all of last year's stuff... and this year's staff and guest writers that are scheduled so far... It's a hoot.... the jammming goes all night (if you can.) I always try to spend time in Nashville every year, and it's always great fun and totally worth it, but it's really worth a detour if you want something a little different, with very high quality instruction and completely amazing! Join us, "eh?" Peace, Dennis +++ this contest now over... look at the newest blog for the latest free offer!

Tired of Canadian TV Tax Commercials?

Tired of the Canadian commercials about Rogers and the TV Tax? the one where they talk about the Canadian networks making over 450 million all together? Rogers (cable operator)themselves made 3 Billion this year, just in the 3rd quarter... I don't think we need a tax... we need Rogers to pay for what they use, as a business expense! Apparently they can afford it! I hope and pray as a songwriter that our country is fair enough to pay people for their artistic endeavour, including songs, tv scores, productions, books... art... whatever! This should include the TV networks that pay artists to make our programming... Or stop whining that Canadian stuff sucks... good art is worth paying for. BTW, the "rich" networks saw Global file for bankruptcy this fall... where is the truth? Does cable pay for these programs? Not necessarily... Great ad folks... I bet you paid handsomely for it! Great propaganda... But just stop it...

I'm very, very pumped!

I'm very excited today! A woman from a Hollywood A&R company contacted me to ask ME if I'd let them submit some of my songs to various pitch opportunities! And they want to hear everything I have... That's a lot of songs! It's the best chance so far, that some of them might end up in movie/TV sound tracks. I think that would be OK! Especially if they got used... Send me all your positive vibes! BTW... they "found me" here on reverbnation.com! I think I just got discovered in a small way... P.S. please remember the concert with The Law & The Prophets at Our Saviour on October 3rd. Lots of new music and fun... Reverbnation fans will get a deal on the tickets! Dunc, Jeff and I have the rehearsal schedules ready... Dunc and I are already getting the guitar/vocals ready. Gonna make some noise! Next week I'm off to Songstudio... a week of learning opportunities for songwriters, with some of Canada's leading songwriters... also very hip. They told us today that as well as Ric Emmett, Blair Packenham, we will get a chance to learn from Shirley Eckhart, a multi grammy-award songwriter, as well as a galaxy of others... a couple of extra special names are promised... I'll write soon with more details. Some of the evening concerts will be open to the public... Going to get a chance to hang with some people who know what they're doing... needless to say I'm practicing the chops every day... I'm not worthy... Extra fun will be the fact that I get a chance to meet Smokin' Joe Wiseman, my friend whom I wrote "Good For Me" with last summer. Joe's just releasing a new CD in the next few weeks... He's on the course too. Hopefully get the chance to make some more music together. Also the chance that some of the students will get to play some of their stuff at the Rivoli and a few other places around Toronto... maybe with Ric as the lead player... Pick me!!!! pick me!!!!! Well, There's the latest... -Dennis A. Dolloff http://www.reverbnation.com/dolloff

Marjorie Whitley
Marjorie Whitley  (almost 9 years ago)

Hey Dennis, That's great. Keep us posted!

Did you get it? also: new song

I think I have gotten the CD's mailed to everyone who has sent their home address.... thanks for being a listener and a fan! If you didn't get your CD... let me know... either hit reply here, or at my home address dennis.dolloff@3web.net I'd be glad to send it on... Also, check out my new song if you get a chance.... "Get down on your knees and pray. You can hear it here at reverbnation. Let me know what you think! I'm off to Song Studio in July, here in Toronto ... a great way to learn more about songwriting. Hope it's a great summer for you all... blessings, Dennis -Dennis A. Dolloff http://www.reverbnation.com/dolloff

New CD Launch!!!

My new Album "Somewhere Between Music & Jazz" Is being released NOW! You will be able to get it on CDbaby.com within a week or so! For now, the first 50 people that sign up as a fan here on Reberbnation and then e-mail their snail mail address to my e-mail (dennis.dolloff@3web.net)will receive a free copy of this CD! Try it and see...

Fan Appreciation Offer!

Fan Appreciation Special Offer: The first 50 people that go to my website www.reverbnation.com/dolloff, and sign up there to be a fan, then send me their full snail mail address at dennis.dolloff@3web.net (I don’t recommend leaving your mailing address on the Reverb Nation website!) will receive a free copy of my new CD: Somewhere Between Music and Jazz, in appreciation. (This might take 6-8 weeks, depending upon confirmation of fan status at reverbnation.com, and then Canada Post delivery times.) Thanks for signing up!

Awards, Accolades... and Nonsense

This week, I received a letter in the mail that I had won the "Director's Award" from paramount in their song contest... still could win grand or first prize too. Also arrived with a songwriter's contract... nice Gold ribbon. Kinda like a kiss from your sister. You have to pay for your own recording... just like you would if you went to another studio. Yaay! I'll wait for first prize or Grand Prize before I make a big celebration. Also this week, Gibson announced a new Guitar called "Dark Fire." (I have a song here by that name that I wrote many years ago...) They also announced that there will be a song contest for Dark Fire, aftr I told them that I have a song by that name... Best part? I can't even enter, as Canadians aren't allowed... So, they get to flood the market with songs by the name that I have already used years ago... and I don't even get to enter it for a chance to win the axe... Nice... really nice... worst part? I'll probably really like the axe and end up buying it. Bastards... They should allow people to enter, from wherever they have an authorized dealer... they don't seem to have a problem dealing in Canadian dollars... they still take the money. Damn, I hate protectionism or whatevr causes that stupidity spazm on their part.

Awards, Accolades and Nonsense...

This week "There's Still a Gentle Place" received the Director's Award from the Paramount Song Contest... Yeah! honours and accolade! Came with a Song Contract too! Problem is, it's kind of like a kiss from yer sister... You have to pay for the recording. Hmnnn. Apparently about 25% of the songs entered win that one... nice Gold Ribbon for the wall... I'll wait until I get Grand or a First prize... then I'll yell loud. Gibson is releasing a new Guitar called "Dark Fire" (see the bottom of the page for details...) problem is, they're also having a song contest for the Release... Too bad that Canadians aren't allowed to enter. Bastards. They should allow everyone to enter, everywhere they have an official dealer. So, essentially, they're going to flood the market with songs by the same name as mine here on this site. And I can't even have a chance to enter. Nice... real nice. worst part is, I might really like the guitar, and want to buy one... Guess I'm a fool, as well as unlucky...