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...and i'm DONE!

Finally, after much time and incalculable BS all of the new songs are all up to date now. I put continuing the album on hold while i caught up on stuff that needed to be done to the existing new stuff. Now you can see how they were meant to sound. Please enjoy these songs while i get back to making new stuff fer ya'll!

Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one.

sooo.... (drum roll) I've finished re-editing most of the new songs. 7,6,5,4 and 3 are done. 1 and 2 i'll do in the next few days. It's such a load off my mind! At last report i had a hard drive crash so i had to start again. Then, during that process i got the shits and went and bought a new computer so i had to start again, again. Forget it. Just listen to the music. "Now with 12.6% more of the things you love!" ...serious! Peace, Equanimous TC

Not a Happy Camper.

We've reached some problems. My hard drive crashed today so all the improvements I've been making have been LOST! Sux to be me eh? Nevermind, i'll have to start again. What choice do i have? Thank you all for your patience and i'll really try to fast track it ASAP. Respect.

On the Road to completion...

Salutations, friiends of Equanimous TC. Work is going well on fixing/tidying/whatever of songs 1-7. It will all be completed in the next week. Sure soiunds even better now! I'll repost when they're finished. Thanks again friends!


Salutations! Over the next week or so I'll be pulling down some songs amd "fixing them up" to make them sound even better. We appreciate your patience. and thank you for flying with Equanimous! TC!


Just a quick hello and thank you to everyone who enjoys the strange beast that is EtC. This is the 1st time I've done an app so bear with us. We'll try to make it as painless as possible. Enjoy!