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Rock On- The Remake

This track was inspired by the original David Essex version. It was intended to be part of a major label demo package for a dynamic vocalist named Peter Chiklis. You may recognize the name, his brother is Michael Chiklis(The Commish/The Shield)famed actor and musician himself.The track was a merge of funk,R&B and pop genres. The backing vocals were performed by the guys from the band "Extreme" (Featuring Nuno Bettencourt). It was recorded and produced by myself, Anthony J Resta and Bob St John. We started in this business together as PM Productions. Bob Mixed the track at Courtlen Recording Studios in Hanson,Ma. It attracted major label interest for Peter and acclaim for our creative effort.

Only Women Bleed

This was a collaborative effort with my friend and fellow producer/song writer John Fannon from the band New England. John and I produced this track for the recording artist "Favorite Angel" who was signed to Columbia Records at the time of release. This track climbed onto the billboard top 100 charts to #69 within only 5 weeks with a bullet! Unfortunately, the single was pulled due to a political battle at the label between another artist and the executive producer. I played keyboards and programmed the drum sequences. We were both vey proud of this effort. Gigi Abraham was the vocalist. Phil Green did the mix at the Hit Factory in NY.