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Live, The Rooted Artist Collective, York, PA 6-4-16

Live in Downtown York, PA, we made our way to the unique and awesome "The Rooted Artist Collective," at the corner of Philadelphia and Newberry Streets! You must go check this out...our thanks to Dustin Nispel for having us, and we'll do it again to be sure!

The Set List:

Back Porch

Black Ambition


(Reading, introduction of “A Moment in the Sun”)

Desert Burning

Dark Star

(Reading, Chapter 7)


He Left Me His Guitar

(Reading, Chapter 15)

Broken Stones (Paul Weller) Unfinished

(Reading, Chapter 23)

Beyond These Walls/Ma Durga

Dead Flowers (You know Who!)

Again, met some really nice people, networked a bit, and it was great fun!

The reading of my latest book, "A Moment in the Sun" was well received. Going well indeed, and we will be back here!

Met some interesting people, poets, artists and fellow writers. A small spot, but a very good vibe all around.

Check out The Rooted on Facebook, you'll find it of great interest. Amazing artwork, books, music on sale here!

Live from Sunbury Press, 2nd Floor Gallery Mechanicsburg

I think it best, to let Dan do the talking here:

"The gig last night at the Sunbury Press Art Gallery was cool. The gallery itself is a converted church. Our stage was the pulpit! Complete with appropriate chairs! The art work itself was mind melting. Everywhere you looked was high quality art! Some of the art work was done in perspective 3D and positively jaw dropping. The gig went fine. We both had a WTF moment when we both saw Lauren enter the room-it was not her, only her double. I had a moment where I was in the zone and staring off to my right and this chick walks into view and just stops. I was lost and not aware and just kept playing, after 20 seconds I realized that, oh shit! This woman probably thinks I want to eat her alive and yes she stared back! Sorry I was lost in the moment of notes and chords and just playing. We will be back there when the weather warms up. Check out Tory Gates newest book "a moment in the sun," is that right? Hop on over to his Facebook page for direct links to where you can buy the book. We'll be playing a couple more shows coming up in regards to his new book. Thanks so much to the Sunbury Press Art Gallery for having The Dharma Fools!"

York Pagan Pride, and the Things You Must Know...

Well, first of all a big thank you to the 2015 York Pagan Pride folks for having us out at Lewis State Park today!

A low-key affair in a little downward sloped area, with vendors, ritual on the ballfield (ur, High Meadow...it works!), and very nice to see old friends.

We got the chance to remake acquaintances with old friends from the community. It's changed; a lot of new faces, but nice people.

Now...things a band needs to ask for:

Electricity. I knew going in this might be an issue, trying to be heard on the grounds with two guitars and a voice. The only people who really I think did hear us were the vendors nearby and those who walked past. We did have friends hang in with us for a bit, and that was cool.

The raffle of donated gifts went off at our set time. Hmmm...so we instrumentalized for a little bit, and decided to just go from our seats on the picnic tables.

You go. That's all. The set list:

Back Porch (+ additional instrumental stuff)

Black Ambition

Baby Step Back (Gordon Lightfoot)

He Left Me His Guitar

(Reading #1 from my new book, "A Moment in the Sun," with Dan's accompaniment


Dolphins Smile (Byrds)

Desert Burning

Dark Star

Reading #2 into "Broken Stones" (Paul Weller)


Dead Flowers (Stones)

Abbreviated set, but it was an okay run-through I have played better, but we had a good and got some nice compliments.

Thank you all...next up...we'll see...

Mythmusica Music & Faerie Festival, 8-15-15

Well, that was one hell of a day! The Dharma Fools made their return to the stage at the above event at the Country Creek Winery in Telford. Great to see old friends and meet new ones. Finally got to meet Elaine Silver face to face, a really nice lady. So many amazing musicians, and I know I'm going to forget a few, but everyone was fantastic...SJ Tucker/Betsy Tinney, Project Wendigo, A Halo Called Fred, Tiffany Apan, Ashagal, so many more.

Our set list:

Black Ambition Baby Step Back (Gordon Lightfoot) The Mystery Blade He Left Me His Guitar Echoes Dolphins Smile (Byrds) Desert Burning Dark Star Broken Stones (Paul Weller) Unfinished Beyond These Walls/Ma Durga Dead Flowers (and if you don't know yet...;-)

The winery is way out in the middle of nowhere, but a beautiful part of PA...we played fairly well, and for the first time in that long, I'd say we were alright.

I am blown away and never fail to be by the musicianship shown by all these folks. It is true, that for me, my writing has taken center stage, and I have to follow that path. Still, I would hope to see these people again, and be apart of it as often as I can.

Wished we could have stayed for the night. On Facebook, look at the pictures...I would like to have been there for that.

Musically, you will have seen some new songs in there, plus some old ones from the Ahltyrra days, plus a few the old band did not do. It's good to revisit those, and see how they went.

Right now, I'd ask for your good thoughts for Robert Waldbauer; he'd recovered from a stroke, and he seemed in good form. Apparently he had something happen during the event. I saw the reactions of certain people, and I realized how much he means to them. A gentlemanly guy, and a really nice one...let's hope for the best for him. Having lost a good friend recently, I know their feelings.

What's next? We are to play a Pagan Pride event in York County, at Lewis State Park on September 19. I'll be reading (hopefully) from my new book, "A Moment in the Sun," and will have copies to sell (Hopefully!)...we hope for fellow friends and musicians to come out...this could be fun.

Peace, out.


Holy Hound, Sunday Night

Has it really been since January that we were here? Well, the Dharma Fools have not been since, due to work, real life and other considerations. But Dan and I returned to the spot, and the Labor Day crowd was pretty fine. Ronn Benway of the Snake Oil Band has taken over the Open Mic, and has kept with providing entertainment, plus a few different acts. I'm not going to be able to remember all of them, but Ronn didn't even perform. At least not when we were there; he was having as much fun as we did. We were recognized from Faerie Fest, and the old Ahltyrra days by a fellow named Zac Anger. You can find him on Soundcloud; good guitarist, interesting guy, and really nice. He's headed for Boston to make a living as a busker. I wish him luck, as I used to live there. He seems ready to make the move. Lot of people doing covers tonight...Zac did some, a third-grade teacher named Jeff made his first open mic appearance, and did very well. Papa Da (I think that is his name) opened the show, and I've known him for some time, one of the regulars about the area. We went on 5th; our set list: We Gotta Move On (new song for this venue) *Reading from "Parasite Girls," followed by Blade Baby Step Back (Gordon Lightfoot) Ridin' On the Same Train (new song) Beyond These Walls/Ma Durga (new song) The new songs went down reasonably well, probably a little too downtempo toward the end, but we were on form. Dan borrowed a six-string of mine, and did some really good work. Benway didn't know Dan played guitar, heehee. A lady I've seen there fairly often named Cassandra came next and did well...new fellow (to me) named Tom and the board was full when we left about 11-ish. Good time indeed...do not know what is next for gigs, but we felt good at doing this one!

Dharma Fool Tonight...

Well, I have had to get myself back up to HMAC, especially as I'm going to be right up the street on Saturday. For those who wonder, my first book is what I'm going to be signing this Saturday at Midtown Scholar Bookstore from 2-4 pm. http://www.amazon.com/Parasite-Girls-Tory-Gates/dp/1494401975/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1391569698&sr=8-1&keywords=Parasite+Girls Mike Banks opened the HMAC Open Mic as he does every Wednesday, and performed another blazing set of guitar pieces, ended with his song (I think it's his), "Storytime." As I was alone, I decided to throw up two new songs to see what would occur... "We Gotta Move On" -- Dan likes this one, and it should be a new opener for us. Pretty self-explanatory. I then read from "Parasite Girls," and followed with "Blade." My friend/colleague Matt Meyer was on hand, and he liked how I went from that reading and song into talking about the next book, and how the male lead likes Gordon Lightfoot. That fits. "Is There Any Other Way" is the song in question, which I've written for the follow-up work, "Drifters." Went over okay, light crowd, but supportive. Very nice. We'll see what happens next...

Back to the Hound, and "Parasite Girls"

Well, the Dharma Fools braved nasty weather to find a nice crowd and lots of music at Holy Hound Taproom's Open Mic Night...Ronn Benway has taken over the show, and was his usual entertaining self!

Good to see our old bandmate Joanna "Mari" Hardway looking well! She has had health issues for some time, but she was positive and it is really nice to see her again! Saw some of the interesting gang; we were a little late, but we had a long talk with Brian Shoop, and learned of some other fun stuff.

Jasper the Tourist has a new CD coming out! https://www.facebook.com/jasper.thetourist?fref=ts

Great set from him, from Kennedy and some other fine acoustic artists. Nervous I was:

We began with a reading from "Parasite Girls," my debut novel.


We've been playing one of the songs from it, but now I read again, and it's available via Amazon.com and also Smashwords. The Set:

Reading... "Blade" "Across the Divide/In My Mind" (New Song) "Black Ambition" "Beauty Way" (E. Gilkyson)

"Divide" is a new song for one of my other projects. Dan liked it a lot and wanted to do it, so we got another new one out there.

Sounded good, and had a great time...back at it soon we hope...the Hound remains a great time, do come out and support the groups they have, and enjoy the atmosphere...

See ya soon!

Reading, "Parasite Girls"

Well, the Dharma Fools are not playing a show, per se, but we have something of interest.


Our friend Jessica Brooks is the owner of the Ladybug Bakery and Cafe in Downtown York. Tonight, the cafe hosts a "Men's Night" from 5-9 pm. Local businesses such as a cigar roller, a brewery, an artist, and yours truly reading from his new book, "Parasite Girls."

Currently the ebook is available on Smashwords. We may soon do a print on demand deal as well. The book is fiction, with a highlight of social concerns, and I think is a pretty good read.

Dan has offered to provide music for my reading portions, and as one of my songs is in the story, we'll perform that too. We are excited to be a part of this event, which hopes to stimulate local interest in our downtown. There's a lot on offer here, so please come have a look and listen.

Note: Ladybug is on Beaver St., right down from the Holy Hound. Hope to see you there. 5 pm starter, we go at six!

"Wish You Were Here"

Well, I'm back from Verse 254 in Downtown York, PA and the above-mentioned benefit for Curt Potteiger. Curt is a much-loved and respected individual in the arts community here--a computer whiz, a teacher and a brilliant artist are among the many things he's complimented as being. I saw the latter myself in action one evening at a Second Saturday event.

Curt has battled brain tumors and related issues, and is recovering in hospital. The event tonight was to raise funds and make a video of the show that it might give him strength and know a lot of people dig him.

Dan is a good friend of Curt's and he along with Lovie Reinholt-Price put the event on and got it together. I was just happy to help out by being there and playing.

Verse 254 is in a row house, part home part art gallery, and Lovie's works are wonderful to see. She is self-taught, and has many really exceptional pieces. The place has a Facebook page; go look.

The load-in and jamming beforehand made one think this might be an interesting night, and it was.

Dharma Fools ended up opening the show...we were suppose to close the night but things have a way of changing, and we moved to the mid-card. Then we ended up opening. Fine with me.

Our set list:

"Back Porch"

"Beauty Way" (Eliza Gilkyson)

"Black Ambition"


"Dark Star"

"Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" (Curt is a Gordon Lightfoot fan, yay!)

"The Show Goes On" -- this is a "new" song of mine. Actually I wrote it 2.5 years ago, and recently found it.

We did alright in the front room with a small audience scattered about the place. We played damned well, got a lot of nice compliments. For this I am thankful!

Dan then stood in with a fellow named Lane from Alexandria, VA. Used to live in York, and came up for the event. Awesome bass player...what else can I say?

Dan went to six-string, and they cranked through some R&B and rock classics, great stuff! A lady stepped in to sing "Evil Ways" with them, Mary Rose Kelly. Good work!

Dan's OTHER project, Moxy & Mayhem soon followed. Tell you what, Lauren's singing and work (both of them) is getting better and better. They opened with "Wish You Were Here," yes that one...Curt likes the Floyd, and on with some original stuff.

I spent a bit of the night on the camera, but also talking with quite a few other folks from the community. There is a well of great talent, and people are looking out for each other. It's something really cool.

I left after M&M because I gotta work tomorrow, but I think this was a good night, despite the monsoons.

Thanks to Lovie and her people, and Curt well knows there are people who have his back.

Blessed Be, Curt...we know you'll be back before we know it!

Alchemy for the Earth...back to the Stage!

Dharma Fools got it done! This past week has been a busy one, as Dan and I worked to get our material ready for Day 1 of Alchemy for the Earth. Our former member Merryiad got us the gig (thank you, missed your presence!), and Cheryl Kilduff provided us with all we needed.

It was for me a nervous period, because we came off a terrible performance at open mic in York...the problem was me, and I didn't even blog about it because I was so unhappy with my show of whatever the hell that was. Just awful.

So I was determined to do better. This was officially the DF's first show under that name, and our first in over three years. A lot of folks have asked us where we were...real life and its circumstances tended to take us away, but since we started doing open mics, it finally took hold.

Alchemy for the Earth continues into Sunday--they are on Facebook. Much of the day was for Native American, spiritual and other events, raisings, rituals, and so forth. Fairy Fresh Farm is in a lovely area of Maryland. Finksburg is the town, but it's out in the farm country. Farms and newer homes co-exist well here.

The farm built us a small stage, down by the roadside, and across from vendors, with the bigger events up on the hill.

Lauren and Chris Mason (she of Moxy & Mayhem, with Dan) and their sons brought us their new PA gear, and we sounded quite good. Well done.

The weather threatened but held off enough for the DF's...our set list:

Back Porch/Beauty Way (latter is Eliza Gilkyson's song)

Black Ambition

The Mystery (New song)


Too Many Clues in this Room (Gordon Lightfoot)

Dark Star

He Left Me His Guitar

Is There Any Other Way? (New song)

Street of the Broken Dreams

Fragile Thing (Big Country)

Live My Life (new song, by Dan)

Broken Stones (Paul Weller)

When We Were Stars

End of the Road

Rain dripped in and out, but the small group hung in, and we did have to cut our set of the last two pieces. I was really thrilled to get some of the old songs in, plus a couple of new ones.

Dan's song was a rocker, and he laid down a helluva solo...we need more of that, we do.

As for me, I'm satisfied with my performance. Couple of guitar change slipups near the end, but not a bad show at all. Very grateful I am to get through that and feel really good out the other side.

We also got tips...$5 worth! It's a start! Thank you for that!

So we got done, and M&M were supposed take the stage at four. Mother Nature had other ideas. The rain came down (and it still is out here)...it became a safety issue, and sadly M&M were postponed.

They may get to do it tomorrow afternoon, but they may also go to the Mother Earth Harvest Fair @ Spoutwood Farm in the Glen Rock area. I felt bad for Dan and Lauren, but they took it in stride. Other days are gonna come.

I took a walk about after, visited the booths and talked with some of the folks. Really nice people, and we got some nice compliments on our music and originality. I'm thankful and pleased.

So yeah, we got soaking wet in tearing everything down, and drove back through nasty weather, but it was worth it!

So far, our next event will be in York on October 11th, the benefit for Curt Potteiger, but I assume we'll find more to do.

Thanks to Cheryl Kilduff, and to everyone else for their having us, the support and the good compliments. Feels really nice to get it done!