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Move Forward

So some big news has come our way. Tomorrow's show at Backbooth will be our drummer's last show. Jess has been with the band since day one and we are sad to see her go. However, we do want to state that there are absolutely no hard feelings between any of us and we shall all remain close friends. The following is an official statement from Jess: "Hey Everyone! I just wanted to take the time to let you guys know that after our show on Saturday, Feb 22, I will no longer be a part of Arcadence. I have other priorities that are taking up most of my time and I just can't commit as much to the band anymore. Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way and shared in all the fun times with us. I can't thank Makenzie, Brett and Alejandro enough for being incredible musicians and bandmates the past 3 & 1/12 years and I wish them all the best! Thanks again and I hope to see you guys at the show on Saturday! -Jess" For the time being, Keith Thomas of the Orlando band Dreamer will be filling in on drums. Stay tuned for more details. -brett

New to Reverbnation! Thanks for checking us out!

Hey everyone, we're Arcadence! We're a rock band based in Orlando, Fl. We have 4 members: Makenzie Kamal sangin + strummin guitar, Brett Lyons sweepin the lead guitar, Jessica Plasencia beating the drums, and Alejandro Badani slappin da bass. We have been playing shows in the Orlando area since January 2012 and we released our first EP titled Changes on March 10, 2012. Its available for free download here, on our bandcamp (arcadence.bandcamp.com), purevolume (purevolume.com/arcadencefl), and soundcloud (soundcloud.com/arcadencefl).

The best way to keep up with us is on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER! facebook.com/arcadenceband and twitter.com/arcadencefl

Hope you enjoy the music!! Thanks for checking us out. -Makenzie, Brett, Jess, Alejandro