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Time To Get Moving...

It's been a tough year or so but now I want to get back in the saddle. I am going to try and add a solo thing called O.M.G. (One Man Guitar) to my offering along with the "Scott & Terry" and "Almost Gone". So please keep an eye out on gigs coming up for any of the above mentioned! I appreciate the support! Terry

Hey... Summers coming!

Just a heads up, but summer IS coming. It will be a time to keep an eye out for your favorite artists or bands. They put a lot of heart into presenting their love of music, so watch for bookings... Get on out and support your local talent and have some fun too! See you there...

Mobile App....

Hey, I have a Mobile App... check it out. Be the first on your block...!


Hey, we're still working on gettings gigs, but just a heads up... we will be at the Wildstock 2- 2013 and are working with some folks at the Kos. Fair grounds about some possible gigs this summer with "Scott & Terry" and "Almost Gone"... so keep an eye out.


Hey thanks for the connect and support of local musicians!