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New blog on noise reduction

Latest blog, I look at my latest tool for noise reduction, and a bit about "Too Many Verses" - http://tommygrimesiii.blogspot.com/…/too-many-verses-plus-n…

Say hello.

Please give a warm welcome to the latest member of the family of instruments that abide in my home! Right now she is currently making squealing, crying noises, because I can't actually play the mandolin just yet. Have always wanted to. No time like the present. Her name is Kate. All instruments have a name - well, all stringed ones - well, except for my bass, I've never named it. I wonder if it feels left out? Photo of Kate is in the photos section!


Stealthily replacing songs with versions using S-Gear for most of the guitars. The bass has stayed on Amplitube, along with the occasional acoustic guitar part (usually doubled with an S-Gear version).

Not making a big song and dance about it til I get the new vocals on each one, which will happen one by one over the coming month or two!

Ignite finally done!

David Cagle (http://thestudiosinger.blogspot.com/) provided the vocals this song needed! With those, and the move to Scuffham Amps S-Gear, the song is wrapped up for good!


Decided I love the clean sound and the whole way it breathes and lives and has a much more natural feel to it than other simulators I've tried, so didn't wait out the 15 day free trial and purchased Scuffham Amps S-Gear (https://www.facebook.com/ScuffhamAmps)

Not only lovely warm crunchy jangly sounds, but lovely clean sounds for the Ovation Guitars too!

Interface also very clean, removes distraction. Below is the sound I settled on for Pedal To The Metal rhythm. Expect songs reworked with new guitar sounds as well as new vocals, over the next few weeks!


Working with David Cagle (https://www.facebook.com/thestudiosinger) to get great vocals on the songs! Working through them one at a time, starting with "Ignite" - watch out for new versions one by one over the next few weeks or so!

I'm also looking into changing my amp sim software, really liking the sounds out of Scuffham Amps and their S-Gear (http://www.scuffhamamps.com/product/s-gear). Nothing fancy in there, no crazy effects or endless amp line up, but great clean and crunchy sounds, with lots of responsiveness, and at the end of the day I need that more than I need a plethora of effects.

Once I have the new vocals for 'Ignite' I will try those on top of Amplitube and S-Gear and see which suits my style of music the best. Will let y'all know!

A bit limiting

But in a good way! Just redid the mixes of the songs with a bit more judicious use of limiting on the stereo mix to bring them to life (and get volumes a bit more balanced compared to whatever else you might be playing on your cell phone, PC or other source of musical foodstuffs!)

Travelling On

So the long journey into the unknown is underway! Here I am, a Scot in Texas, having stepped out of the regular rat race and trying to forge my way in life in a unique fashion.

Being self employed has eaten up all the last few months, setting business ideas in place, but now the fever is on me - music!

So many songs done but not recorded, and I need to commit them to disk (I remember when that would be tape, ahem). Setting my sites on that, mentally setting aside time as "going into the studio" to finish up at least a couple of songs in the next week.

Feels good!

They Wait

Just one week since driving down the road, behind in the tail lights the regular office job, the standard life we are all told to aspire to, and ahead in the headlights... who knows?

So far, I am laying groundwork, so many things undone over these last years, so much time consumed by the day job, the travel to and from, so much of my life eaten away in that fashion. So now, I have to catch up.

Meantime, they wait. The guitars, the mic, the bass. Knowing that soon I will pick them up and there will be hours upon end with no interruption to practice my craft. They wait - the songs, half done, begging to be completed, wishing to be free to run and roam, to bring tears and smiles to listeners. But for now, they wait.


Their time will come soon.


Stepping away, stepping out

Have decided to step away from my regular full time office based job and go back to freelancing, offering work in audio, music, video, 3D, animation and more. Time to step out and live life and have more focus on being creative!

Also signed up for Camp Copperhead, very exciting to get 4 days of songwriting teaching from Steve Earle himself. Bloody hell, is all I can say to that!