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News Songs Uploaded from Older Rock Band in 2002

Listen to TIME and WARNED from "Family Portrait" band in 2002.....NEW MUSIC to come!

been off line for a while - Back On!

I've moved back to OB and loving the Ocean Breeze....Love the Support Thanks so so much!

I'm going to the Oscars today

I'm going to Hollywood to the Oscars today....Feeling a bit better from my cold, or not I'm still going to the Oscars. Look for me on the red carpet with a purple scarf!

I'm going to the Oscars Sunday in Hollywood!

Woo I'll be going to the Oscars and be on the Red Carpet Fan area Sunday in Hollywood - Thanks 1iota rocks and All! Sugaryee xoxo

Wow...made #2 in San Diego Charts - Thanks Folks!

Made it to #2 on the Charts - Happy - Thank you All for your support and appreciation! - Cheers Sugaryee

I'll be singing with Sapphire Jam....

I'll be the lead singer for Sapphire Jam....we are cooking up some classics....they are so hot! Looking forward to sharing soon - xo

Thank you Kindly!

Thank you kindly for listening to my music - I very much appreciate each and every listen, view, thumbs up and friendship! I have more songs to come ....very soon! Sugaryee xo

New to ReverbNation

Hi I'm new to ReverbNation and Pleased to announce my new page - Sugaryee I uploaded 2 song demos and 1 video....some pics too! Ciao!